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Tidewater Provincial Park

This is a non-operating park. There are no activities or facilities at this park.

Backcountry Camping

1. The Experience:

Tidewater Provincial Park provides a unique backcountry experience for visitors looking to get a taste of Ontario’s far north. The park has five islands located between the communities of Moosonee and Moose Factory on the Moose River, 20 km downriver from James Bay.

The park’s unique location means unique wildlife. Seals can be seen swimming in the rivers and occasionally onshore. Sometimes, visitors can see the milky white back of a Beluga Whale in the water. The area is well-known for its diversity of birds, especially during migration.

Park visitors can access the park in two ways. The first is to paddle one of the large river systems in Northeastern Ontario. These include the Abitibi, Mattagami, and Missinaibi rivers, which all flow into the Moose River. The park is a last stop for people taking these trips with the goal of reaching James Bay. With changing tides and currents in the park’s waters, paddlers are advised to do their research well in advance of the trip.

The second method is to take the Polar Bear Express train from Cochrane to Moosonee and then take a short water taxi over to the park. The park is great as a basecamp to explore historic Moosonee and Moose Factory.

Campsites are located on the west side of Charles Island on the Moose River. Each site is equipped with a fire pit, picnic table, and a box privy. There are secure bins for the disposal of garbage at several locations in the park.

2. Access and Interior Camping Permits

Camping reservations are not available at this park. All campsites are first-come, first-served.

Interior camping permits are required for backcountry camping at Tidewater Provincial Park. Permits can be purchased online up to two weeks in advance of your arrival date.

Permits may also be purchased by using the self-serve kiosk at the park or by calling Moose Cree First Nation Tourism at 705-658-4619.

3. Planning

A map and additional information about the park can be obtained by contacting Moose Cree First Nation Tourism, who operates the park in partnership with Ontario Parks.

Howling Wolf Expeditions offers a variety of trips that travel on the Moose, Abitibi, Mattagami, and Missinaibi rivers, all which end in Moose Factory.

The park can be accessed by paddling down the Moose River or by taking a water taxi from one of the town docks in Moosonee or Moose Factory. Visitors can contact Moose Cree First Nation Tourism at 705-658-4619, or Ontario Parks staff at 705-272-7139 for additional information regarding park permits and accessing the park.

Please be respectful of the natural environment and other visitors. Practice leave-no-trace camping, camp only on designated campsites, and be aware of your surrounding neighbours, ecology, and wildlife. We appreciate your efforts to maintain this pristine environment.

Group Camping

There is an area of the park designated for groups.