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Tidewater Provincial Park


The Moose River estuary is a haven for many species of birds, from warblers, to eagles, to herons, and many types of shorebirds, which take advantage of the tidal flats and pools created by the proximity to James Bay. At the mouth of the river, Shipsands Bird Sanctuary is a good spot for a guided trip.


Boats use the adjacent Moose River to access Moosonee and Moose Factory Islands. Motorboats are available to rent in Moosonee. Tides, winds and shifting shoals can make boating challenging. Hiring a guide is a good way to travel to the various sights and communities on the river.


Tidewater is located at the end of the Missinaibi River and Abitibi River canoe routes, making it an obvious place to camp at the end of the trip before taking the train south. Caution is advised as the winds, tides and river currents can challenge the most experienced canoeists. Extra care is advised and the services of a local guide are recommended. Boat shuttles are available.


Anglers may catch Northern Pike, Walleye, and Whitefish in the Moose River off the shore of the Park.


Riverside Trail is a 2 km interpretive trail rated easy within the Park on Charles Island.  Views of Moose Factory Island and Moosonee can be seen along the trail through the forest.


Tides and currents of the park islands make swimming dangerous. A swimming area is available at the town of Moosonee.