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Donate Today!

Provincial parks are part of the fabric of Ontario - our history, culture, and natural environment. They help to preserve our natural landscapes for future generations.

Only a small portion of Ontario Parks’ budget comes from provincial taxes. Most operational funding comes from day-use and camping fees, rentals, partnerships and donations.

Ontario’s provincial parks are treasured places to build new memories, carry on traditions, connect with family, care about the environment or simply “get away”.

Thank you for considering making a donation to support Ontario Parks!

Millions of Ontarians create memories that last a lifetime at our parks and your donations support this important work. We have many exciting projects, programs, and initiatives that you can support. Have something specific in-mind? Connect with us, we’d love to help you find the perfect project!

We cannot currently accept online donations, however we have three easy ways for you to donate!

  • Give us a call at 705-313-2462. Our staff will be able to process your donation quickly and answer any questions you have.
  • At any time, simply mail the Donation Form (listed below) with cheques and/or money orders to: Ontario Parks, 300 Water Street, 6th Floor South, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 3C7.
  • Have some questions for us? Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help make your donation possible!

Thank you. Your donation, no matter the size, helps ensure that Ontario’s natural environment is maintained and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

If you'd prefer to give through the mail, please use this form.


Turtle Protection Project


All 8 of Ontario’s turtle species are now “at risk”. Your donation has the power to help us create on-the-ground solutions like nest coverings and wildlife crossings and will help us protect turtles in Ontario Parks. Want to be a turtle hero? A donation can start your impact today.

Donate to the turtle projection project


Education Programs


Your donation will be used for park education programs such as our Discovery Program, creating a passion for parks through education.

Donate to discover program


Trails & Recreation


From trail maintenance and restoration to developing new recreation spaces, we will invest your donation to connect people with provincial parks in inspirational and transformative ways.

Donate to trails


Protection & Ecological Integrity


Our parks protect unique ecosystems, biodiversity and significant elements of Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage. Designate your gift to help us manage and maintain ecological integrity, and preserve our Parks for future generations.

Donate to protection


My Park


Is there one park that holds a special place in your heart? Each park has different needs ranging from campsite maintenance and trail development to species at risk monitoring and educational program development. By selecting this option, you’ll ensure your donation goes directly to your park.

Donate to my park


Where my donation is needed most


Ontario Parks will invest all donations in supporting Ontario’s Provincial Parks.

Donate where needed