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Roofed Accommodation - Presqu'ile - Soft Sided Shelters

Number at Park: 8

Site Number(s) / Name:

The Minka Tent (site #12), Exploration Tents (Turkey's Roost in Craig Campground, sites #14, #39, #128, #155, #230, and #326)

The Minka Tent

The Minka Tent is a one-room soft sided hybrid tent within a timber frame. It can sleep five.

Exploration Tent

These are typical Prospector canvas tent supported by timber framing. Sites #128, and #155, and Turkey's Roost sleep five and sites #14, #39, #230, and #326 sleep six.




The Minka Tent (site #12) and some Exploration Tents (sites #128, #155, and Turkey's Roost) sleep five, and some Exploration Tents (sites #14, #39, #230, and #326) sleep six.


The Minka Tent

The tent has one single mattress in a cool loft and two double mattresses. There is a small table and benches inside for eating and card games. Outside a propane BBQ and mini picnic table are on the deck. The tent is a short walk from a water tap and comfort station.

Exploration Tents - Sites #128 and #155

These Prospector Tents have one large mattress on a sleeping platform that can sleep five. A small dining table and shelving are available inside. A propane BBQ and chairs are available on the outside deck. The tents are within a short walk of a vault toilet, water tap and comfort station.

Exploration Tent - Site #14, #39, #230, #326

These Prospector Tents have two bunkbeds. There are two single mattresses and two double mattresses with protective covers. A dining table with seating for six and storage shelves are available inside. There is a propane BBQ, BBQ utensils, chairs, a firepit, and a picnic table available outside. These tents are within a short walk of a vault toilet, water tap, and comfort station. There is an accessible ramp leading to the deck.

What to Bring

Visitors should bring their own bedding, food, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, and other personal items.


There is a 2-night minimum stay and a 3-night minimum stay on long weekends.

Please note that domestic animals (pets) are not permitted in the tents or on site and smoking is prohibited in all facilities.


The Minka Tent (site #12) and Exploration Tents #14, #39, #128, #155, #230, and Turkey’s Roost - Parking for two vehicles is available on the campsite.

Exploration Tent #326 - Parking for one vehicle is available in the parking lot beside the campsite with additional vehicle parking near the campground entrance.

How to Reserve

Reservations can be made online or by phone.

Exterior - Exploration Tent - Site 155
Exterior- Exploration Tent Deck - Site 155
Interior - Exploration Tent - Site 155
Interior - Exploration Tent - Site 155