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Roofed Accommodation - Bonnechere - Rustic Cabins

Number at Park: 4

Site Number(s) / Name: C1 – Sandbar (301), C2 – Floodwaters (302), C3 – Riverwatch (303), C4 - Fallen Tree (304)

Please note that due to extreme erosion of the riverbank, we have relocated our Riverwatch Cabin for your safety. The cabin is now situated across the road from its original location.

Bonnechere offers four Rustic Cabins for rent. Come and stay with us along the banks of the Bonnechere River while discovering a world of recreation close by. For those who are looking for a break away from the everyday, try sleeping under a solid roof in log beds. The cabins are set along the scenic Bonnechere River and are built and trimmed in pine lumber which gives them a warm, cozy, “rustic” experience.






There are two bedrooms, a small living area with chesterfield and propane fireplace. The cabins include air conditioning units that double as a heat source for colder weather. The kitchen has an electric bar fridge, a microwave, and a custom pine dining table. A covered BBQ area is just steps away from the cabin, including a picnic table and propane BBQ with side burner. A wash tub, broom and dustpan are also provided.

Sandbar Cabin (301), Floodwaters Cabin (302), and Riverwatch Cabin (303) include a queen-sized bed in bedroom 1, and a double size bunk bed top and bottom in bedroom 2. Fallen Tree (304) includes a double sized bed in bedroom 1 and a double size bunk bed top and bottom in bedroom 2. This cabin is considered barrier-free.

Running water is not provided in the cabins, however there is a centrally located water tap and outhouse toilet with sink conveniently located near by that is shared between the 4 cabins. Showers are located at the comfort stations.

Rental of the cabin also includes a canoe (along with paddles, lifejackets, and safety kit). If you require additional lifejackets, they can be borrowed from the Park Store. Additional canoes can be rented from the Park Store as well.

A complimentary amount of firewood is provided. Restocking is not provided. Additional firewood can be purchased at the park store.

Campers may stay in the park after they have checked out of the cabin, until 10:00 pm on the date of departure.

What to Bring

Visitors should bring their own bedding, pillows, food, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, dishwashing supplies, towels, life jackets, lawn chairs, and other personal items.


Reservations are available for 6 nights only (Saturday to Friday) from the 3rd Saturday in June to the 3rd Saturday in October. Outside of this window there is a 3-night minimum stay.

Please note that domestic animals (pets) are not permitted in the cabins and smoking is prohibited.

Additional camping equipment such as tents, trailers, RVs are not permitted.


Parking for one vehicle is included in your rental fee.

How to Reserve

Reservations for a cabin at Bonnechere can be made online or by phone.

Sandbar cabin - bunk beds
Sandbar cabin - bedroom
Sandbar cabin - eating area - kitchen
Sandbar cabin - picnic area
Sandbar cabin - exterior
Sandbar cabin - exterior
Riverwatch cabin - porch
Riverwatch cabin - bedrooms
Riverwatch cabin - bunk beds
Riverwatch cabin - bedroom
Riverwatch cabin - eating area - kitchen
Riverwatch cabin - shoreline
Riverwatch Cabin - picnic table
Riverwatch Cabin - exterior
Floodwaters cabin - bedrooms
Floodwaters cabin - bedroom - bunk beds
Floodwaters Cabin - bedroom
Floodwaters cabin - main room
Floodwaters - Porch
Floodwaters Cabin - Exterior
Fallen Tree - main room
Fallen Tree - bedroom - bunk beds
Fallen Tree - Interior - Bedroom
Exterior - Fallen Tree Cabin