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Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park


Woodland Caribou is home to the bird species of the boreal forest. Keen birders will be able to check off many species on their life list that are common to the region. Visitors can observe Great Gray Owls that reside in the park, birds of pray such as bald eagles and various species of hawks, waterfowl and numerous nesting songbirds. Many more species are observed during their spring and fall migrations.


Powerboats are associated with the remote lodges and outpost camp areas and are primarily found in and along the Gammon and Bloodvein river systems. The rest of the park is almost solely traveled by canoe or kayak.


Up to 2,000 km of maintained canoe routes over a myriad of connected waterways provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in the most natural setting and to challenge your skills and senses.

Please contact the park if you need assistance planning your canoe adventure.


Woodland Caribou is renowned for its fishing. The most sought after species are walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Smallmouth Bass are found in some northern lakes of the park and muskellunge are found in one lake in the southwest.

Many of the private outposts and lodges in the parks are dedicated to fishing.


Hunting is only permitted in the park additions. Contact the Park Office for more information.

Hunting is subject to Ontario’s Hunting Regulations.


Woodland Caribou’s many secluded beaches and plenty of deep drop-offs from bedrock shorelines offer great swimming opportunities.