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Windy Lake

Windy Lake Provincial Park


Windy Lake is a popular boating destination in the Sudbury Area. Windy Lake has a large easily accessible boat launch.

Camping - Winter (including Roofed)

When the snow falls there is no better place to be then right here at Windy Lake Provincial Park. The park offers some of the best cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the region. Many winter enthusiasts come for the day, but with four trail-side yurts that are heated and available for winter use, winter camping is easy. Access to the yurts is via ski trails only which is about a 166 m (500 ft) walk.

The Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club operates a 15 kilometre trail network offering professionally groomed trails for both classic and skate styles of skiing for beginners to advance levels. Skiers may purchase a season pass, weekend pass or just pay for the day. Passes are available for purchase at the Park Office, Windy Lake Motel or at the ski chalet during the weekends.

Onaping Falls Nordics Ski Club Facebook page
The ski chalet is open on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Windy Lake is a popular boating destination in the Sudbury Area.

Discovery Program

Join Discovery staff at an Exploration Station during the months of July & August. Bring along your Discovery Activity Book (or pick one up at the Exploration Station), and use the equipment and materials provided to explore the park, observe plants and animals, and discover the wonders of nature. Be sure to share your observations with park staff and to take the Discovery Ranger Pledge! For more information keep an eye out for weekly calendar of events posted throughout the park.


Windy Lake has excellent Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass fishing.

Ice Fishing Package

Windy Lake Provincial Park offers our winter campers the opportunity to try their hand at ice fishing without the "hassle" of bringing all the equipment that goes with the winter sport. A complete ice fishing rental package is available at the Park Office and includes all the gear you need to spend the day on the ice. This includes 2 rods/reels, tip-ups, a bait bucket/stool, fishing tackle, an ice auger and a sled that transforms into a portable ice fishing shelter (complete with 2 seats). Park Staff will transport the gear to a pre-determined ice fishing location (10 minute walk/snowshoe from the Park Office) and help you set up for the day. Lake Trout are abundant but Lake Whitefish are also a popular winter species and very tasty.

It is the responsibility of the renter to have all required permits and licences.


The Transition Hiking Trail 3 km, 1 hour, easy

As you walk along the trail it is hard to imagine that this was once the rim of a huge crater made by a large meteorite that impacted the earth nearly two billion years ago. Today, it is a vibrant forest that is home to many plants and animals. As you wander through the changing forest, keep your eyes open for the many birds that inhabit the area, including the Yellow Warbler, Ruffed Grouse and Pileated Woodpecker. At dusk listen for the soft haunting call of an owl. If you time your hike right you can enjoy a variety of beautiful wild flowers that grow on the forest floor including the Pink Lady’s-slipper, Twin Flower, Wild Rose and Star Flower.


Windy Lake is a recreational haven and one of the most popular recreational beach areas in the entire Sudbury region. The park’s sandy beaches total more than 1.5 km of Windy Lake shoreline. There is no better place to relax or picnic with your friends and family. A large buoyed swimming area provides the ideal place for kids to splash and play with the rolling green hills serving as the perfect backdrop for photos.