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Wabakimi Provincial Park


Wabakimi is a boreal birder’s paradise and offers opportunities to see species such as Boreal Chickadee, Red and White-winged Crossbill, Greater Yellowlegs, Spruce Grouse, Hawk Owl, Great Grey Owl and Pine Grosbeak.   Bald Eagles abound and Gray Jays will follow you throughout your trip!


Motorboats are permitted in the expanded park area. Only tourist operators are allowed to use them in the original park area. Please check with park staff for more information on these boundaries.


Wabakimi Provincial Park offers canoeing opportunities in a world-class setting.  Canoeists in the park should be experienced, but have the choice of selecting trips that are calm and relaxing, or offer more adventure. Park staff and local tourist outfitters are more than happy to discuss your trip plans with you and help you select the route that suits you best.


Wabakimi boasts some of the best fishing in Northwest Ontario, including opportunities for trophy fish. Species such as walleye, Northern Pike, perch, whitefish and Lake Trout are found throughout the park.


Hunting is only permitted in specific areas of the park, seasons, and locations. Contact the Park Office for more information.
Hunting is subject to Ontario’s Hunting Regulations.


Surprises are around every corner in Wabakimi and many of our lakes boast beautiful beaches which are perfect for taking a relaxing swim after a long day paddling.