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Sturgeon River

Sturgeon River Provincial Park


Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater and the surrounding waterway parks including Sturgeon River, protect an area of rugged highland watersheds and contain forest that mixes Great Lakes-St. Lawrence and Boreal species of trees, creating many different habitats for birds. During the nesting season of spring and early summer, many species of warbler, thrush, flycatcher and woodpecker can be heard calling to defend territory. Eagles, osprey and many other birds of prey can be spotted hunting above the forests of the park.


Motorboat restrictions apply on many of the lakes in the Temagami Backcountry Parks. For specific information on prohibited/permitted activities please see the park management plan



The Sturgeon River is a week-long whitewater canoe route that provides class I and II whitewater along much of its length. Portages are numerous, but often short – between 50 and 250 metres. Campsites are often found near rapids and waterfalls. Trips often begin at Paul Lake via floatplane or further north on the river where the Portelance timber access road crosses. Route options are varied, but the common route includes the length of the river, and then upstream on the Obabika River and on to Wawiagama Lake, ending the trip with another floatplane flight or down the Goulard Lumber Road (road options require a vehicle shuttle).

As with many of the Temagami canoe routes, many options are available by combining other routes. For longer trips, it is possible to combine the Sturgeon with other park and Crown land routes.

Finlayson Point Provincial Park is the main office for Sturgeon River and other Temagami area provincial parks. Information and trip planning assistance can be obtained by calling 705-569-3205.


The Sturgeon River is a warm-water fishery, and Walleye and North Pike are the main species.


Important Note: All hiking trails in the Temagami Backcountry Parks are remote and generally accessed during multi-day canoe trips.


Hunting restrictions apply. Please refer to the Temagami Area Park Management Plan 2007 for zone specific management direction.


There are endless opportunities in the backcountry for swimming including both shallow and deeper water entries along rocky headlands.