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Silent Lake

Silent Lake Provincial Park

Biking (Mountain Bike)

One special amenity at Silent Lake is the mountain bike trail. The trail can be accessed from the day use area parking area. The trail offers two loops; 11 and 17 km in length. The 11 km loop is moderately difficult, while the 17 km loop is considered difficult. Caution should be taken as the trail crosses the park road and is shared track in some portions. The trails are subject to closure during spring/wet conditions.  Please contact park for up to date information.

Camping - Winter (including Roofed)

From snow blanketed forests to a wide range of fun activities, Silent Lake is the ideal winter destination. Visitors can stay in one of the many roofed accommodations, try outdoor camping, or visit for the day.

Cross-country skiing
More than 34 km of cross-country trails wind their way through hardwoods, cedar swamps, groves of White Birch and beech stands. The terrain is rugged, but ideal for family skiing. All four connecting loops start and finish at the day use parking lot and are colour coded for easy recognition.
Green Loop - 2.5 km, novice-moderate
Red Loop - 5 km, novice-moderate
Yellow Loop - 10 km, moderate
Blue Loop – 16.5 km, difficult

Bonnie’s Pond Trail, a 3 km loop past mature beech trees and a beaver pond, is converted into snowshoe trail during the winter season. Additionally, a 5 km loop of the Yellow Ski Trail also permits snowshoeing. Bring your own snowshoes or rent a pair from the park.

Ice Fishing
Ice fishing for Lake Trout is permitted on Silent Lake during the winter season. As the water cools, Lake Trout can be found at various depths in the lake, typically along contour lines and not far from baitfish.

Please note that gas–powered ice augers are not permitted.

Please consult the Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations as Silent Lake has special exceptions.


While you are visiting the park, you should take a quiet, relaxing paddle across Silent Lake. The lake is approximately 2.5 km in length and is motor-free (gas and electric). The adjoining lakes (Quiet Lake and Soft Lake) can sometimes be accessed (depending on water levels) by completing a short portage that is not maintained by park staff. Canoe and kayak rentals are available at the park throughout the summer season.

A canoe launch is located at the Pincer Bay Canoe Hut and Dock.

Discovery Program

Join Discovery staff at an Exploration Station during the months of July and August. Bring along your Discovery Activity Book (or pick one up at the Exploration Station), and use the equipment and materials provided to explore the park, observe plants and animals, and discover the wonders of nature. Be sure to share your observations with park staff! For more information keep an eye out for weekly calendar of events posted throughout the park.


Silent Lake is home to Lake Trout, Small and Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Sunfish. Remember, if you are between 18 and 64 years of age, a valid Outdoors card and fishing license is required. Please consult the Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations as Silent Lake has special exceptions.


Whether you are an ardent hiker, a nature lover, or just out for a family stroll, you’ll find a hiking trail at Silent Lake that suits you. Each of the three trails has the same underlying qualities – the tranquility and solitude of the natural environment. Each one will expand your wilderness experience at Silent Lake and introduce you to the ecology and history of the park area.

Lakehead Loop Trail - 1.5 km, 30 minutes round trip
This short trail is designed for those who wish to stretch their legs by taking a leisurely walk in natural and peaceful surroundings. It follows the lakeshore through a low lying area of cedar and Black Ash. The trail then makes its way to higher ground through strands of hemlock, Sugar Maple and Red Oak.

Bonnie’s Pond Trail - 3km, 1.25 hours round trip
This trail is perfect for the nature lover or explorer. It winds through mature beech trees, and passes a large beaver pond, pine and hemlock forests to a breathtaking lookout.

Lakeshore Hiking Trail - 15 km, 6 hours round trip
This is a wilderness trail designed for the more experienced hiker. It is rugged, challenging and very rewarding. A supply of water is highly recommended. Sharing the same beginning segment of the Lakehead Loop trail, the Lakeshore Trail roughly follows the undeveloped shoreline of Silent Lake. Along the way you will pass through beaver meadows, hardwood forests, and cedar-black ash swamps. The spectacular lookout points will be the highlight of your hike.


Visitors to Silent Lake can enjoy swimming at its two sandy beaches. The largest beach is located at the day use area and includes a large grassy area for enjoying a picnic with your family and friends. The other beach is located in Pincer Bay campground.