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Sandbanks Provincial Park


Sandbanks does not have dedicated bicycle trails but cyclists can explore the park along campground roads. Prince Edward County, beyond the boundaries of the park, is a favourite destination for bicycle touring.


Sandbanks offers great birding opportunities, especially during the spring and fall migration. Bird checklists are available at the Visitor Centre.


Powerboats are allowed on Lake Ontario, East and West Lake but not near the swimming areas or on the beach. A boat launch is located in the Outlet River A Campground. It is suitable for boats less than 18 feet. Other boat launch facilities are available outside the park.


Although there are no formal canoe routes at Sandbanks, the Outlet River is ideal for those just learning to canoe and who wish to explore the marsh habitat.

Discovery Program

During the summer, park staff offer a variety of fun, interactive educational programs. Join a Park Naturalist as you explore the hiking trails, stop by the Visitor Centre to learn about the 1920s Lakeshore Lodge, bring your young campers to the children’s programs and take the whole family to the evening campfires and slide shows!


East and West Lake are popular fishing lakes for Yellow Pickerel, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and various pan fish.


Cedar Sands Nature Trail – 2 km loop
Walk along the shores of the Outlet River and stop at the two lookouts providing scenic views of the marsh. This is an interpretive trail with 12 stops. Trail guides are available at the trailhead or the Friends of Sandbanks Gift Shop.

Woodlands Trail - 3.5 km, linear,(7km total out and back) easy, no trail guide
Immerse yourself in old agricultural fields bordered by giant hedgerows and a mature, deciduous woodland where giant oaks and maples tower overhead. There are lots of wildlife viewing opportunities on this path, linking the Main Gate with the Dunes Beach

Sandbanks Dunes Trail – 2.5 km loop, easy to moderate
This trail loops through a unique and fragile dune habitat and travels along the edge of several pannes. The dune system is the largest of its kind in the world and the pannes are a rare wetland habitat that supports wildlife and unusual flora.

In addition to the main trail, there is also a one kilometre loop at the beginning of the trail that is barrier-free. Please stay on the trail to minimize your impact and to avoid Poison Ivy, which is common throughout the area. Trail Guide is available at trail.

Lakeview Trail – 2.4km one way, linear, easy, no trail guide
Shade trees and the smell of wildflowers in the fields lead to a breathtaking view along the edge of Lake Ontario. Linking the historical sites of the Lakeshore and Lakeview Lodges, this trail offers a shorter, 1km walking loop at West Point.

Richardson’s Trail – 1 km one way, linear, easy, no trail guide
The smell of pines and the buzz of cicadas greet you on this shortcut through the old pine plantations. These reforested areas, now linking Dunes Beach to Richardson’s campground, were established to slow the destructive movements of the dunes.

MacDonald Trail – 1.5 km one way, linear, easy, no trail guide
A useful connection between Woodlands Trail and the Lakeland Lodge Day Use Area, this trail bisects the fields and forest in the centre of the park to provide a safe and speedy way for users to venture between the east and west parts of County Road 12.

The trails of Sandbanks Provincial Park have been established thanks to the generous financial contributions of the Friends of Sandbanks, a not for profit charitable organization. If you would like to join the Friends or make a donation to the group, please visit the Discovery Centre and the Friends Gift Shop.


Sandbanks is famous for its beaches and swimming. It has three natural sand beaches: Outlet Beach is located in the East Lake sector of the park, Lakeshore beach is located in the Lakeshore day use area off Lake Ontario and Dunes Beach is located in the Dunes day use area off West Lake. Outlet and Lakeshore beaches have gradual drop-offs, but the Dunes Beach has a steep drop off and swimmers should take extra caution. Please note: there are no lifeguards posted at the beaches and pets are not permitted except on the designated pet area.