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Long Point

Long Point Provincial Park


Enjoy cycling on over 5 km of park roadways.


More than 300 different species of song birds and waterfowl migrate through Long Point every spring and autumn. More than 80 species of birds nest on the point annually, making Long Point one of the top bird watching destinations in North America.

The Long Point Bird Observatory is located just outside the park and Bird Studies Canada is located a short distance away in the village of Port Rowan.


Excellent boating opportunities are provided on Long Point Bay. The park offers boat launch facilities that are able to accommodate most pleasure boats.


Many visitors enjoy canoeing along the sheltered marsh of Long Point Bay. Opportunities also exist outside of the park, in the area of Big Creek, located on the Long Point causeway.

Discovery Program

Join Discovery staff at an Exploration Station during the months of July and August. Bring along your Discovery Activity Book (or pick one up at the Exploration Station), and use the equipment and materials provided to explore the park, observe plants and animals, and discover the wonders of nature. Be sure to share your observations with park staff! For more information keep an eye out for weekly calendar of events posted throughout the park.


There are excellent fishing opportunities in Long Point Bay. We have one of the finest bass fisheries in Ontario. Fishing licenses may be purchased in the village of Long Point.


The park is the home base for the Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit (LPWMU), a controlled waterfowl hunt. The LPWMU is open for hunting Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during the open season for waterfowl. (mid-September through to mid-December)

Information regarding the LPWMU may be obtained by calling the Park Office.
Hunting does not take place on park property and hunting is not permitted within the park.


Large, sandy beaches are located by Monarch’s Rest and Turtle Dunes Campground and the day use are in the New Park as well as Cottonwood Campground in the Old Park. Over two kilometres of soft sand and warm water awaits you.

Please note: There are no lifeguards posted and pets are only allowed in the designated pet exercise area. Lake Erie does have an undertow present so please be cautious while swimming.