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Hardy Lake Provincial Park

Summary of Provincial Park Offences

When visiting Ontario Parks, you must show respect and consideration for your fellow visitors and the park environment. The following table lists some of the common laws enforced in provincial parks. The Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 and other legislation governing behaviour in provincial parks can be reviewed at provincial park offices and at: These laws are enforced by provincial park wardens who have all the power and authority of a member of the Ontario Provincial Police within a provincial park. Many of the listed offences could result in eviction from a provincial park. If evicted, you are prohibited from re-entering any provincial park for a period of 72 hours. Minimum fines listed below do not include court costs or victim fine surcharge.

Offences Explanation
Alcoholic Beverages Minimum
- Having liquor in open container in other than residence (campsite) $100.00
- Consuming liquor in other than residence $100.00
- Driving or having care or control of a motor vehicle with open or unsealed container of liquor $175.00
- Person under 19 years having liquor $100.00
- Being intoxicated in a public place $50.00

If you are 19 years of age or older, you are permitted to possess or consume liquor (beer, wine, spirits) only on a registered campsite.

Drivers are responsible for ensuring that liquor is properly stored while in a vehicle. Liquor must be in a container that is unopened and the seal unbroken or is packed away and not accessible to any person in the vehicle.

Rowdyism / Noise Minimum
- Use discriminatory, harassing, abusive or insulting language or gestures $150.00
- Make excessive noise $150.00
- Disturb other persons $150.00

Provincial parks are established to provide a setting for peaceful and natural experiences. Rowdy behaviour, which includes excessive noise, or obscene language or gestures, is not permitted. You cannot disturb any other person or interfere with their enjoyment of the park at any time.

Refuse Minimum
- Litter or cause litter $125.00
- Fail to keep facility clean
- Fail to restore facility to original condition

Deposit your garbage and litter in the containers provided to discourage wildlife from becoming pests. Facilities must be kept clean at all times to eliminate potential hazards to parks visitors and minimize human-wildlife conflict.

Vehicles Minimum
- Unlawfully take motor vehicle into park or possess or operate it $125.00
- Speeding –more than 20 km/hr $100.00
- Operate vehicle off roadway $125.00
- Disobey stop sign $85.00
(plus 3 demerit points)

Off-road vehicles are not permitted in provincial parks because of the environmental damage they may cause.

Licenced motor vehicles may be operated on roads only. You must follow the rules of the road and remember that the Highway Traffic Act applies on all park roads. Each vehicle in the park must have a valid provincial park permit. Bicycles are only allowed on park roads and on designated bike trails.

Parking Minimum
- Park vehicle in area not designated $30.00
- Park vehicle in prohibited area
- Fail to display permit on parked vehicle

Your vehicle must be parked in a designated area with a valid park permit prominently displayed on your dashboard.

Pets Minimum
- Permit domestic animal to be without leash $75.00
- Permit domestic animal to make excessive noise
- Permit domestic animal to be in designated swimming area or on a beach
- Permit domestic animal to disturb people
- Permit domestic animal to be in a posted prohibited area

For the protection of wildlife and other park visitors, your pet must be under control and on a leash not exceeding 2 metres at all times. You must ensure your pet does not damage or interfere with vegetation or wildlife. You must ensure your pet does not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the park. Pets are not permitted in the swimming area, on the beach or in a posted prohibited area at any time.

Environmental Protection Minimum
- Damage / deface / remove Crown property $125.00
- Disturb / harm / remove natural object $125.00
- Disturb / cut / remove / harm plant or tree $125.00
- Kill plant or tree $150.00
- Disturb / kill / remove / harm / harass animal $150.00

All vegetation, wildlife and natural features are protected in provincial parks. To maintain the park as a natural setting, the removal of natural objects is prohibited. Cutting any live growth or damaging any natural or other object is prohibited. You may not take any fallen or dead wood from a provincial park for the purpose of a campfire or other such intent.

Campfires Minimum
- Start or tend fire other than in fireplace or designated place $150.00
- Start or tend fire where notice of fire hazard is posted

Fireplaces are designated by park staff for safety reasons. Restricting fires to these locations greatly reduces the risk of forest fires.

Fireworks Minimum
- Possess fireworks $100.00
- Ignite fireworks $150.00

Possession or use of fireworks is prohibited in provincial parks at all times. They constitute a fire hazard and disturb visitors who wish to enjoy the park in a peaceful manner.

Hours of Closing Minimum
- Enter park after closing $125.00
- Remain in park after closing

Only registered campers are allowed in a provincial park during the posted hours of closing.

Fines are subject to change. This is not a complete listing of offences; please refer to the specific legislation.