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Biscotasi Lake

Biscotasi Lake Provincial Park


The park supports abundant bird life: osprey, Bald Eagles, Belted Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons are often seen while fishing. Many species of songbirds nest in the forests along the river, including Black and White Warblers, Yellow Warblers and Ovenbirds.


Motorboats are allowed on Biscotasi Lake and Agnew Lake.


The Spanish River offers a number of paddling options:

East Branch:
Duke Lake to Agnew Lake – 145 km (8-10 days)
The Forks to The Elbow – 58 km (3 days)
The Elbow to Agnew Lake – 50 km (2-3 days)
*Sheahan to The Elbow – 40 km (2 days)

West Branch:
Biscotasi Lake to Agnew Lake – 164 km (8-10 days)
*Sinker Creek to Agnew Lake – 120 km (6-8 days)
Biscotasi Lake to The Elbow – 114 km (5-7 days)
Biscotasi Lake to Sheahan – 74 km (4 days)

*VIA Rail access only. A scenic train ride is a unique way to start your trip. The train will drop off and pick up paddlers and all their gear at various points along the river.

Canoeists and sea kayakers can paddle among the many islands that dot Biscotasi Lake and experience the vast country that was once home to Grey Owl, the famous conservationist. Two other large lakes are a very short portage from Biscotasi Lake; Ramsey Lake and Indian Lake have hundreds of kilometres of shoreline, bays and islands and when combined with Biscotasi it makes for a perfect kayaking and canoeing route for flatwater paddlers.


Many species of fish such as Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake and Brook Trout inhabit the many lakes and tributaries along the river.


Spanish River has no designated beaches but there are plenty of swimming opportunities.