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Every year millions of people make new memories, connect with family, and learn about the natural environment when they visit a park.

Only a small part of Ontario Park’s budget comes from provincial taxes. Most of the funds to maintain, manage and protect our parks come from day use and camping fees, rentals, partnerships and donations. Your gift today will go directly to projects and programs that matter to Ontarians.

Why should you consider donating to Ontario Parks?

  • Because you are connected to provincial parks in Ontario and want to help fund special, deserving projects.
  • Because you are looking for the perfect gift to honour a life-long park lover, perhaps a friend or family member.
  • Because you want to make a lasting gift to help improve our environment.
  • Because you care about supporting living things that cannot always help themselves like birds, plants, animals, and insects.
  • Because you want to make a difference now so that future generations can enjoy the benefits parks provide.
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