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Staff helping visitors on a campsite

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Book an Ambassador experience?

You can connect with our Park Ambassadors in one of three workshop styles:

  1. An online workshop. Our staff will answer all your questions before you get to the park. We recommend this workshop for first-time visitors to Ontario Parks
  2. A workshop right at your campsite. Book a 30-minute workshop to learn a new camping skill at participating parks. We recommend this workshop for newer campers looking to build their camping skills
  3. A drop-in workshop at participating parks. Join one of our drop-in workshops during your camping or day use visit to learn an outdoor skill with no reservation necessary. You can find program schedules posted on park bulletin boards or check the park’s events calendar. We recommend this workshop for anyone looking to build their camping skills.

2. How can I book a Park Ambassador?

You can register for an online workshop or a 30-minute workshop right at your campsite on our Park Ambassador Program page. Advance registration is required. Limited spots available. Equipment is not provided.

Programs can be booked until midnight the day before the scheduled workshop.

If you don’t find a reserved program that works with your schedule, drop-in programs are available at participating parks. Check the events calendar on the webpage of participating parks.

3. Are there any restrictions on who can book a Park Ambassador experience?

Online workshops are open to anyone who would like to learn more about visiting Ontario Parks.

Workshops at your campsite are limited to visitors with a car camping reservation on the day of the program at participating parks. A reservation number will be requested at the time of registration.

Drop-in workshops are available to any park visitor with a valid day use or camping permit on the day of the program at participating parks.

4. Are these workshops free?

Online workshops are offered at no charge.

Workshops at your campsite are included in the cost of your camping permit at participating parks.

Drop-in workshops are included in the cost of your day use or camping permit.

5. What type of skills can I learn in a workshop at my campsite?

Our Park Ambassador program offers 4 workshops that answer common questions campers often ask us!

How to build the perfect campfire - What camping trip is complete without a cozy campfire? Campfires keep us warm, cook our food, and are perfect for making happy memories with family and friends. Our Park Ambassador will teach you: 

  • what supplies you need (and where to get your firewood)
  • how to place the wood in your campsite's firepit
  • how to start your campfire (even if the weather's bad)
  • how to take care of your campfire
  • how to safely extinguish your fire when you're done

How to set up your campsite - New to camping and not sure what to do when you get to your campsite? Our Park Ambassador will teach you: 

  • what you'll find on your campsite when you arrive
  • what equipment you'll need
  • the best way to organize your campsite (for example, where to put your tent)

What kind of animals live in Ontario Parks - If you're new to our parks, you might be excited (or a little nervous!) to see animals during your visit. Our parks are their home, and we want you to feel safe and prepared when you visit. In this workshop, our Park Ambassador will teach you:

  • what kind of animals you are likely to see in a park
  • how to behave when you see an animal to keep both you and the animal safe
  • how to protect yourself from bugs, including mosquitos and ticks
  • how to discourage animals from visiting your campsite

Camping cooking skills - Cooking outdoors can be quite different from preparing meals in your kitchen at home. Ambassadors will help visitors improve their campsite cooking skills by teaching them:

  • the equipment needed to cook outside
  • how to safely pack and store their food
  • how to find recipes that can be cooked over a campfire or on a camp stove
  • how to keep a campsite safe for bears and other wildlife.

6. My park is under a partial or full fire ban. Can I still participate in a How to Build the Perfect Campfire workshop?

If a park is under a partial or full fire ban, all How to Build the Perfect Campfire workshops will be replaced with the Camp Cooking Skills workshop. If you have already booked a workshop, a Park Ambassador will be in touch with you to confirm the change. Check whether your park is under a partial or full fire ban.

7. How do I know if my workshop has been booked?

Our Park Ambassador team will send you a confirmation email upon submitting your registration.

8. Can I book more than one workshop per day?

Participants can book one workshop per day, with the ability to book additional experiences throughout the season.

9. Which parks are participating in the Park Ambassador Program?

  • Algonquin
  • Awenda
  • Bass Lake
  • Darlington
  • Earl Rowe
  • Fitzroy
  • Killarney
  • Killbear
  • Long Point
  • Mara
  • McRae Point
  • North Beach
  • Presqu'ile
  • Sandbanks
  • Sibbald Point
  • Six Mile Lake
  • Turkey Point
  • Voyageur
  • Wasaga Beach

10. I have family/friends at another campsite. Can they join us?

Yes, family and friends are welcome to join! Workshops at your campsite have a maximum of 6 participants.

11. Is equipment provided?

No, equipment is not provided for Ambassador workshops. Participants must bring their own camping equipment, and any other supplies they may require.

12. What if I booked a workshop and I need to cancel?

Please email the Park Ambassador team at to inform them of your cancelation. Forty-eight hours cancelation notice is recommended.

13. Will my workshop be canceled if it rains?

During inclement weather cancelations may occur. An email will be sent to inform you of any cancelations.

14. Is there a waiting/cancelation list?

Yes. Please email to be put on the cancelation list. Make sure to include your preferred date, time, and park.