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Day Use Fees - 2018

Fees effective from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

The range of fees from DU1-DU4 refers to the price for a Day Use Permit offered by specific Parks depending on the time of year (Off Season, Peak Season) as well as the amenities that they provide. Fees are Park Specific.

For park specific fees, please contact the park directly. Phone numbers can be found by navigating to park webpages.

Daily Vehicle PermitBase FeeHSTTotal
Regular (minimum)$9.96$1.29$11.25
Regular (maximum)$17.70$2.30$20.00
Ontario Senior (minimum)$7.97$1.03$9.00
Ontario Senior (maximum)$14.16$1.84$16.00
Ont. Persons with Disabilities * (minimum)$4.87$0.63$5.50
Ont. Persons with Disabilities * (maximum)$8.85$1.15$10.00
Seasonal Day Use Vehicle PermitsBase FeeHSTTotal
Annual Vehicle Permit - (valid from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019)$154.87$20.13$175.00
Summer Vehicle Permit - (valid from April 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018)$110.62$14.38$125.00
Winter Vehicle Permit - (valid from December 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019)$75.22$9.78$85.00
Walk-in fees - per person
French River, North Beach
Base FeeHSTTotal
Regular (Age 6 - 17)$0.89$0.11$1.00
Regular (Age 18 +)$1.77$0.23$2.00
Ontario Senior $1.55$0.20$1.75
Ont. Persons with Disabilities * (Age 6 - 17)$0.44$0.06$0.50
Ont. Persons with Disabilities * (Age 18 +)$0.89$0.11$1.00
Bus PermitsBase FeeHSTTotal
Regular (Commercial Bus Permit)$110.62$14.38$125.00
Ontario Senior (Commercial Bus Permit)$88.50$11.51$100.01
Ont. Persons with Disabilities * (Commercial Bus Permit)$55.31$7.19$62.50
Regular (School Bus Permit)$55.31$7.19$62.50
Picnic Shelter RentalBase FeeHSTTotal
Regular (minimum)$23.75$3.09$26.84
Regular (maximum)$190.50$24.77$215.27
Cross-Country Skiing
Wasaga Beach (these fees take effect December 2017)
Base FeeHSTTotal
Regular Per person/day (Age 18 +)$13.27$1.73$15.00
Ontario Senior Per Person /day (Age 65+)$8.85$1.15$10.00
Ont. Persons with Disabilities * Per person/day (Age 18 +)$5.31$0.69$6.00
Regular Per person/day (Age 6 - 17)$6.19$0.81$7.00
Ont. Persons with Disabilities * Per person/day (Age 6 - 17)$2.21$0.29$2.50
Regular Per family/day (maximum)$37.17$4.83$42.00
Regular Per season (Age 18 +)$132.74$17.26$150.00
Regular Per season (Age 6 - 17)$53.10$6.90$60.00
Regular Per season Family Pass$318.58$41.42$360.00
Group Fees - Skiing
Group Rate/person/day (Group consists of 15 or more people)
Base FeeHSTTotal
Regular (Age 18 +)$8.85$1.15$10.00
Regular (Age 6 - 17)$3.10$0.40$3.50
Fees for cross-country skiing are subject to change.
Cross-country skiing is also available at the following parks: Algonquin, Arrowhead, Awenda, Bronte Creek, Ferris, Frontenac, Kakabeka Falls, Killarney, MacGregor Point, Murphys Point, Pinery, Presqu'ile, Quetico, Rushing River, Silent Lake, Sleeping Giant, Springwater, and Voyageur. Fees for cross-country skiing are included in the daily vehicle permit for these parks.
Base FeeHSTTotal

“Ontario Senior” means a resident of Ontario who is at least 65 years old.

* Ontario residents who have a CNIB identify card. Ontario residents who have a Ministry of Transportation accessible parking permit.

** Veterans and active members of the Canadian Armed Forces, who reside in Ontario, are eligible to enjoy free, weekday (Monday to Friday), day use in provincial parks. Upon arrival to a provincial park, please present a valid Canadian Armed Forces identification card (i.e., Canadian Armed Forces Veteran’s Service Card, Canadian Forces Identification Card or Record of Service Card) and proof of Ontario residency with photo identification (i.e., valid Ontario driver’s licence with photo, valid Ontario Health Card with photo, valid Ontario Photo Card, etc.)