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Invasive Species

In the context of parks and protected areas, invasive species are a direct threat to maintaining ecological integrity. Once established, some invasive species can be extremely difficult to control or eradicate, and their ecological effects could therefore become irreversible. Preventing the introduction and establishment of invasive species is the most effective approach, and helps to maintain ecological integrity.

The Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 restricts anyone from introducing into, or possessing an invasive species in a provincial park. The Algonquin Provincial Park Cottage Lot Policy (2018-2038) specifically prohibits cottagers from introducing, planting or otherwise possessing on their cottage lots, any species of plant or animal that is not native to Algonquin Provincial Park. Cottagers will also be required, as part of eligibility requirements, to remove all species of plants that are not native to the park and to ensure that these species do not re-appear on their cottage lot.

This document will help cottagers understand the potential impacts that non-native and invasive species can have on Algonquin’s ecosystems, how to identify some of the more common and most damaging invasive species, and how these species can be controlled.

For more general information on invasive species in Ontario, see:

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