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Work for Ontario Parks this summer

Applications for student jobs are open.

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Careers at Ontario Parks

Student Jobs - How to apply

Applications are available online.

But wait! For the best chance of success, please review our tips below before you head to the application portal.

Have questions about the application process? We can help! Contact us at

How to choose your park and position

You can select up to 10 provincial parks when you apply, and up to 7 positions.

No matter which park you apply to, you’re bound to have a memorable experience and make lifelong friends!

But there are a few things to consider....

1) Where will you be living this summer?

If you’re planning to live at home, you’ll only be able to work at a local provincial park. Use our Park Locator to check which parks are closest to you.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to experience a new area of Ontario, there are some parks that offer staff accommodations. These are shared living spaces that include rooms, as well as dining and common areas. 

Be sure to let hiring managers know in your cover letter that you’re interested in staff housing and/or tell them why you want to work at a park that’s not close to home.

2) Is the position you’re interested in available at the park?

It’s a good idea to visit different park webpages to read about the types of programs and facilities available.

Want to be an interior ranger? A Discovery ranger? Make sure you choose parks that have a backcountry or a Discovery program.

You can also check each park’s social media accounts. Many parks post about which positions they’re hiring each year or contact us and we can help.

3) Which positions best match your skills and interests?

Take some time to read about the different types of park ranger.

Choose mindfully. Which roles have a good fit for your skills? Which roles would provide good scope for how you hope to learn and grow? Which roles resonate with you? Do you want to work mainly inside or outside?

4) Is it a popular park?

It’s worth considering. If you only have one park local to you, that might be your only option.

But if you’re keen to try a new park this season, you might find less competition at our less famous parks. Visit our website and blog to discover some new-to-you gems!

(And we have to say: ALL our parks are amazing. Spread that love around and consider including some new parks in your list.)

5) Which parks get you excited?

If you join our team, you’ll be spending a lot of time at your park. Don’t forget to consider what our parks can offer you.

How to use the online portal

Give yourself lots of time to fill in your application.

First of all, head to GoJobs website. This is the application website for all jobs in the Ontario Public Service.

Next, select “Parks” from the “Job Category” dropdown and/or “Students” from the “Career level” dropdown.

Here you will find our summer jobs listed under the “Student Summer Jobs at Ontario Parks” posting.

Read through the posting carefully, and follow all directions.

Fill in all the questions in the application. Don’t forget to upload your cover letter and resume (in a single attachment) at the end.

Take your time. Don’t forget to review your answers before you hit “Apply.”

How to make your application stand out

Tell us why you’d like to work here. It might be you’ve been visiting since childhood. Maybe you’re passionate about protecting nature. Or maybe you just love spending time outside. Share why you’d be a good fit for Ontario Parks.

If you’ve worked for us before, tell us about that experience and why you want to come back.

If you’re applying to a park with staff housing, it’s a good idea to talk about your willingness to spend the summer away in your cover letter.

Showing that you’re familiar with or have done your research on the park(s) you’re applying to can help make your application stand out.

What special skills make you the perfect team member for parks?

Do you speak French and English? Let us know; many positions are bilingual.

For a few more tips to make your resume the best it can be, check out these resources:

Staff Housing

Staff housing is available at many Ontario Parks. Depending on which park you’re applying to, staff housing may be available. You can find a list of parks with available staff housing here.

At any other provincial park, you will be responsible for finding your own housing.

There are minimal costs associated with staff housing for students. If you’re interested in staying in staff housing, it is important to highlight this in your cover letter.

Apply now!