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PFD lending program

PFD* Lending Program

*personal floatation device

Water activities are often a part of summer fun at Ontario Parks. But we want all of our visitors to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Ontario Parks is pleased to partner with Ontario Power Generation to deliver the PARKsmart PFD Lending Program; an important lifesaving program.

Visit one of 70 participating parks and borrow a PFD free of charge. Ask park staff about borrowing a PFD, PARKsmart helps ensure both children and adults are safe when enjoying any water related activities.

Ontario Parks asks that all our visitors be aware of, and follow these simple principles of water safety.

All PFDs will be properly sanitized before they are loaned to individuals.

Principles of water safety:

  1. There are no lifeguards on our beaches. Parents, children are your responsibility.
  2. Always supervise children and non-swimmers. This means watching them every second they are in the water. And when water is rough – STAY OUT!
  3. Have children and non-swimmers wear a PFD when near the water.
  4. Never swim alone. Everyone should always swim with a buddy.
  5. Learn how to swim and learn prevention, water survival and rescue skills.
  6. Offshore winds blow inflatables out into dangerous waters. Use inflatable rafts or toys in shallow water areas only. When wading into deeper water, why not swim in towards the shore?
  7. Be responsible. Avoid alcohol when involved in water related recreational activities.
  8. Protect your neck. Never dive into shallow water from docks or shallow water.
  9. If you suspect a drowning or any other type of water emergency, call 911 and/or contact the Park Office immediately.
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