On the trail at Restoule

Restoule Provincial Park is a park for trail lovers, hikers, canoeists and kayakers, birders, and now: mountain bikers!

Yes, Restoule now has a section of single-track mountain bike trail.

If you’re not familiar with Restoule, here’s a quick tour:

stars in sky

This park is literally “at the end of the road.” A series of local roads takes you west from Highway 11 about 3-4 hours north of Toronto through the little hamlet of Restoule, to the very end of Highway 534.

That means the park is quiet – no major highways, trains or planes. Other than a few motorboats heading to their next fishing hole, there’s nothing to disturb the tranquility of the park’s forests and lakes.

Enjoy the serenity of very dark night skies, and starry nights by the campfire.

Restoule sits in the heart of the Almaguin Highlands, a rugged and hilly forested landscape just west of Algonquin Provincial Park. It’s also on the edge of a giant fault system half a billion years old.


The park protects forests that are a diverse mix of deciduous and coniferous tree species, and create a range of habitats. A landscape similar to Algonquin — its larger neighbour to the east — means that Restoule has opportunities for some great trails.

A variety of trails take advantage of this landscape of rugged forests and lakes.  The park’s lakes and the Restoule River provide great paddling on our water trails, reaching as far as the French River.

Hiking is superb – the Fire Tower Trail and Stormy Lake Lookout is among the best lookout trails in central Ontario.

map of trails

However, Restoule’s bike trails might be its best kept secret…

Angel’s Point Trail

Angel’s Point Trail is a 2.8 km biking trail with two mountain bike loops that wind through vibrant hardwood forest. The outer double-track loop is an easy ride with a wide trail surface, and fun, rolling hills.

people biking on trail

Double-track trail means the trail is wide enough for two bikes to pass each other or ride side-by-side. If you’re riding together with other cyclists, always give way to oncoming bike traffic and go single file until the other cyclists have passed.

The inner loop is a single-track trail designed for mountain biking with smooth winding corners, moderate changes in elevation, and flowing dips, humps and bumps.

Even though the trail isn’t long, travelling at the slower speeds needed to negotiate the twists and turns means this trail will give you a good ride!

two people biking

Single-track is a more challenging type of bike trail suited to mountain bikes.

Cyclists ride the trail one at a time (hence the name single track), following the undulating trail as it zigs and zags through the forest. Keep a lookout for other cyclists on the trail, as well as branches and trees. If you don’t have a mountain bike, rentals are available at the park office.

Restoule’s single-track isn’t filled with obstacles like some of the tricky mountain bike trails around Ontario. This is single-track is designed for anyone comfortable on a bike on a narrow winding trail.

The faster you ride, the greater the challenge! For us, safety comes first. Ride safely and always wear a bike helmet.

people looking off onto water

The double-track trail rewards you with an open spot on Restoule Lake. The views across the lake are beautiful on a sunny day, especially when the sun sets on the sparkling blue lake water. Take a dip or stop for a snack!

Rangers Point Trail

A great way to spend the afternoon, this short trail is perfect for a casual bike ride.

Rangers Point provides access to two spectacular waterfront picnic sites on the shores of Stormy Lake, with views of the Stormy Lake Bluff and the historic Fire Tower in the distance.

people on bikes looking off at lake

The Bluff is actually an expansive 100 m cliff that towers above Stormy Lake. It provides stunning views for hikers taking the Fire Tower Trail, canoeists paddling below it, or cyclists viewing it from a distance.

Park roads

Cycling is a great way to get around the park, especially since it allows you to leave your vehicle parked on your campsite.

Similar to any urban area, please remember to share the road with hikers, runners, bikers, and motorists.

Here are some of the benefits of cycling…

  • riding boosts your mood
  • it makes bonding with friends and family easy
  • it helps you get heart-healthy
  • it’s easier on your joints compared other activities, like running
  • it increases your lower body strength, especially hilly trails
  • it improves coordination, especially a more challenging ride

Come visit us!

A full-service campground with both electrical and non-electrical campsites is available, as well as some waterfront walk-in sites, and backcountry campsites accessible by water.

camper with stringed lights at night

All your creature comforts are found at Restoule, including comfort Stations, hot showers, and laundry facilities.

Boat launches and docks are found on both Restoule Lake and Stormy Lake. Explore their two sandy beaches, as well as a dog beach and exercise area on Restoule Lake.

The park office offers park souvenirs, ice, fire wood, and rents mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. If you’re looking for more supplies, check out the hamlet of Restoule, only 9 km from the park.

Breathe the fresh air of the forest at Restoule!