How to be a Bear Wise visitor

Black Bears live across Ontario in forested areas where they can find enough food, shelter, and denning sites. Our provincial parks are their home, and over 90% of our parks are in bear country.

A safe bear sighting during one of your adventures with Ontario Parks can be a lasting memory. Educating yourself about bears before your visit is important and the mark of a responsible park visitor.

We want to share space with bears, keeping our human visitors and all our wildlife residents safe.

If you’re planning a visit, here are some important safety tips about Black Bears:

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Why is that a rule?

Excessive noise. Transporting firewood. Have you ever wondered why certain rules exist?

Thought, research, and science go into the laws and policies that cover provincial parks and conservation reserves. And it helps to understand the rationale.

Today, we’re sharing the logic behind a few of the rules our visitors ask us about most frequently:

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6 tips for reserving an Ontario Parks campsite

Did you know that you can reserve your campsite or roofed accommodation up to five months in advance of your arrival date?

You can book online (and even see a sneak preview of your campsite) or by calling the Ontario Parks reservation line, 1-888-ONT-PARK (Canada & USA).

These are our top tips to optimize your reservation experience:

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How to successfully camp in the rain

Is the forecast looking a little rainy for your upcoming camping trip?

Don’t let it bring you down! Some of the best memories happen on the rainiest days.

All you need are a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re prepared for inclement weather. Keep these tips in mind even if the forecast calls for sunny skies!

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Campfire safety for the whole family

We all have fond childhood memories of a crackling campfire. It can be the highlight of a camping trip!

Let’s keep those memories positive by making sure even the littlest members of the family know the ins and outs of fire safety.

Parents: if you and your family are enjoying a campfire during your trip, make sure you follow these safety tips.

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Calling all new campers!

We know camping or visiting a park for the day for the first time can be intimidating.

What supplies do I bring? What are the rules? How can I make my trip as comfortable as possible?

Don’t worry, the Ontario Parks Ambassador program is here to help you make your trip easy and memorable.

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5 reasons to visit Selkirk Provincial Park

If you’re looking for a quiet campground with private sites and a relaxing atmosphere, put Selkirk Provincial Park on your destination list.

Just 15 minutes east of Port Dover, Selkirk is ideal for families with young children, RV owners, and anyone who enjoys the quiet side of life. The park offers sun, space, and plenty to do.

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Find a site that fits your needs using filters

Five months ago, you woke up early, sat down at your computer to book a campsite at your favourite park.

The big day’s finally here, and you load your gear, family, and pets into the trailer. You drive to the park, get to your site and….

…your heart drops.

Your RV is too big for your campsite.

What’s worse: it’s a busy summer weekend, and the park is completely full!

You have no choice, but to turn around and head back home.

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