Are you an ethical wildlife photographer?

You’ve recently unwrapped the latest iphone or a shiny new digital camera, perhaps an SLR with some fancy lenses.

Now you have itchy shutter fingers. You’re ready to point your camera at something spectacular and capture a beautiful memory forever. But where to go?

Not to brag, but Ontario Parks are beautiful, iconic places. Covering nearly 10% of the province and protecting some of Ontario’s most rare and scenic habitats, our parks are home to a variety of wildlife, from fascinating insects to enormous moose.

Basically, they’re a photographer’s dreamscape.

We’re animal lovers too. We know how exhilarating wildlife encounters can be. We understand how badly you want that perfect photo.

But before you hit the road, ask yourself: is taking the perfect photograph worth risking an animal’s life or an ecosystem’s health?

If your answer is “no,” check out our list of seven common photography infractions to ensure you’re keeping our parks safe and healthy.

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March’s digital download

Hang in there, parks-lovers — spring is on the way!

One of our favourite signs of spring? The male Black-capped Chickadee’s mating call: “Feebee!”

What are your favourite signs of spring?

This month’s FREE digital download features a Black-capped Chickadee.

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February’s digital download

We’re Ontario Parks. Of course we have stunning views.

The beauty of the province is waiting for you this February — all you have to do is get out there!

This month’s FREE digital download was taken at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

Did you know Sleeping Giant has over 100 km of incredible hiking trails with many spectacular geological features? This park is a must-visit, especially when blanketed in snow!

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December’s digital download

Don’t stay inside pining for warmer weather!

There’s tons of things to do (and wildlife to see) while visiting parks in the winter! Check out our Visiting in Winter page for more info!

This month’s FREE digital download features a Pine Marten spotted at Algonquin Provincial Park.

The elusive Pine Marten is a captivating predator in Ontario’s northern forests.

In preparation for winter, they grow fur between the pads of their toes, creating a snowshoe effect that allows them to walk on deep snow. The solitary, agile Pine Marten expertly navigates in the winter months, diving underneath snow to hunt in tunnels made by Red Squirrels.

Captivated by the Pine Marten? It’s one of the four winter animals featured in our greeting card set!

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