10 reasons you should try spring camping

Close your eyes and imagine:

  • your face flush with your first dose of spring sunshine
  • your ears are filled with the beautiful songs of migrating birds
  • your nervous system soothed by the rhythm of waves on the shoreline

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Here are our top ten reasons to try spring camping this season:
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Holes in the shield: the Algonquin Rock Worm

Roger LaFontaine originally came to Algonquin Provincial Park looking for creepy creatures like leeches, snails, crayfish and rotifers in the early 2000s.

During that first season in the park, he became fascinated by the huge and strange marks seen all over Algonquin’s Highway 60 corridor left by a prehistoric worm. Since then, he’s devoted at least a day per year to documenting and studying some of Algonquin’s forgotten creatures.

Many visitors to Algonquin are in awe of the rocky shorelines and exposed rock outcrops throughout the park.

What only keen-eyed visitors may pick up on are the telltale marks left behind by a fantastic creature that sadly isn’t around anymore.

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Where to snowshoe in Ontario Parks

Remember to always check the Snow Report before you go to ensure conditions are favourable for snowshoeing.

Nature looks completely different under a glittering blanket of snow. Why not strap on some snowshoes and experience Ontario Parks in a whole new way this winter?

Check out some winter parks with top-notch snowshoeing opportunities:

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A winter birding challenge

Today’s post is from Justin Peter, who was a Natural Heritage Education Specialist at Algonquin Provincial Park from 2006 through 2013. Now a professional travel planner, Justin is a keen local and worldwide explorer, looking for birds everywhere he ventures.

It’s tempting to say that winter’s not the best time to look at birds in our Ontario Parks. Many species have migrated south. We’re hesitant to venture into the chilly weather.

But the quieter (and leafless) atmosphere of our parks during winter provides an excellent and unique challenge for our sense of environmental awareness.

Up for the challenge? 

Here’s a selection of birds (and bird signs) you can look for this winter:

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Frozen falls and other wacky winter water

REMINDER: venturing out onto unsafe ice puts your life (and the lives of first responders) at risk. Take in the beauty of winter shorelines from solid ground.

When most of us picture winter ice, we conjure up mental images of skating rinks and icicles. But did you know there’s a lot of variety in wintry water formations?

From frozen falls to ice volcanoes, winter water is quite a sight to behold:

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Who’s the Big A?

This one’s been brewing for a while.

An epic showdown.

A frosty rivalry.

A battle between wintry giants.

Finally, we put the question to you, our visitors: which park, Algonquin Provincial Park or Arrowhead Provincial Park, is the winter destination park in the region?

Which one deserves the title of The Big A?

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Winter adventure at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Planning a visit to Arrowhead Provincial Park?

Skating through the forest is definitely a winter bucket list activity!

But the secret is out!  Arrowhead has quickly become one of the region’s most popular winter attractions so it’s important you plan your visit carefully.

Know before you go! Availability of skating and skiing is weather dependent. Check our Snow Report for ski conditions.

We’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions and top tips for planning your Arrowhead adventure:

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Winter adventures at Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the most iconic places in Ontario all year round, and that’s for good reason!

With so many activities to try, the vast winter landscape is an opportunity for you to choose your own adventure.

Snowshoeing through the forest is rewarded by the scenic vistas and solitude. Winter camping gives you a stunning a view of the moon casting long shadows through the trees on a clear winter night. Making a discovery of your own by following tracks along the path is a real treat.

New this year: come to the West Gate on weekends for a campfire and fireside chats with park naturalists!

Here are seven reasons you need to visit this winter:

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