9 tips for eco-friendly Halloween decor

Many campers like to jump into the Halloween spirit by decorating their campsites.

But certain decorations can be harmful to the environment.

Here’s how you can create a super spooky campsite AND protect Ontario’s ecological integrity at the same time.

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4 tips to prep your camping gear for the off-season

All good things must come to an end, including the heat of summer.

You’ve learned to set up and take down your equipment this year, but do you know how to properly store it over the winter (without producing any mildew, funky smells, or damage)?

In case you need a quick refresher (pun intended), we’ve created a checklist to help make sure your gear is ready and waiting for your first spring adventure.

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Fall hiking gems in Ontario’s southwest

When it comes to fall, Ontario’s southwest can be overlooked.

While crowds of people flock to Algonquin Provincial Park or the Niagara Escarpment, there are many places elsewhere in the province that showcase the beauty of Ontario’s changing colours.

What better way to see the colours than by tackling a trail? Here are just a few of our best-kept secrets in southwestern Ontario:

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Falling for campsite crafting

Today, Content Development Specialist Andrea Coulter takes us through some family friendly fall crafts. 

Last fall, my kids and I joined my parents on a three-generation camping trip to Canisbay Lake Campground at Algonquin Provincial Park.

We spent our days going for bike rides, hiking, and visiting around the campfire, but my kids’ creative bug was definitely itching. I was glad I had prepared some activities for around the campsite!

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Colours in the cosmos: where the beauty of nature meets the science of the cosmos

“The heavens wheel around you, displaying to you their eternal glory and still your eye is upon the ground.” – Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

Many of us live in areas afflicted by light pollution, which prevents us from gazing at the heavens whirling around us.

However, most of our northern and many other parks afford visitors a spectacular view of the cosmos, rich in stars and the Milky Way.

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Planning to visit us during fall colours? Start here.

The crisp air and morning frost that September brings get many Ontarians excited for the arrival of fall colours.

And who can blame us? We would argue that Ontario is the most breathtaking place to enjoy autumn in all its stunning glory.

If you’re planning a trip to take in the colours of the season, here’s everything you’ll need to know before you go!

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Fall paddling at Restoule


You put your canoe or kayak into the lake. The water is smooth and reflective. The sky’s a deep, dark blue, and the clouds are brilliant white. The day is sunny, cool and crisp, and the trees that cover the hills around you…well, they’re a stunning display of red, orange, and yellow.

There’s something special about paddling in Ontario’s provincial parks in the fall, particularly secluded Restoule Provincial Park.

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Fall paddling safety

Fall is the perfect time to paddle.

As the temperatures cool there are no bugs and the lakes become less crowded. Plus you can catch some of our beautiful fall colours!

But fall weather can be fickle. Hitting the lake too late, failing to respect weather conditions, or paddling beyond your skill level isn’t just risky — it’s downright dangerous.

We chatted with Paul Smith, Superintendent of Kawartha Highlands Signature Site, to get some top do’s and don’ts for fall paddling safety:

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