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5 reasons to try late fall camping

It’s not time to say goodbye to your favourite park just yet!

While some of our parks close after Thanksgiving Weekend, many remain open through late fall and even through the winter.

If you’ve never tried a late fall camping trip, this might be the perfect opportunity to make the most of the season before packing up for the winter.

Here are five reasons to try late fall camping:

1. Bug-free bliss

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The bane of even the most enthusiastic of campers, bugs can be a real annoyance on a camping trip. One of the beautiful things about late fall is the complete absence of buzzing and bites.

While bugs are an important part of our parks’ ecosystem, we know they can be bothersome.

Enjoy a bug-free camping trip in the late fall as all our little flying friends disappear ahead of the winter.

The exception to this rule, of course, is ticks who will stay active until the temperature consistently stays below 0 degrees. If you are planning to spend time outdoors before there is snow on the ground, keep these tick tips in mind.

2. Embrace the silence

mother and child standing on an empty beach

The late fall season is a quiet one at many of our parks. We usually see less visitors and campers at this time of year, meaning less noise!

While we always ask our visitors to respect others by monitoring their noise level, emptier parks make for quieter experiences. Those looking for a serene trip will enjoy a more peaceful experience with quieter sites and more privacy.

Thinking about visiting your favourite park this fall? You can expect fewer crowds at some of our most popular parks. We recommend checking to see if your favourite is open into late fall.

3. Get the best sites

couple sitting on camp chairs around campfire

Fewer campers means more opportunities to snag a prime spot!

Many of our best summer spots get snatched up months in advance, but the late fall provides means less competition for the perfect campsite.

This gives campers a chance to try out that beautiful waterfront or spacious site that they’ve been pining after for years.

Those looking for specific features, like pull-through or electric, will find more sites that cater to their needs.

4. Last minute trips

two people sitting on camp chairs in front of tent

More open spots = more opportunity for spontaneity!

Late fall is a great time for those last-second planners to snag a spot at their favourite park without having to plan months in advance.

If a last minute vacation day or perfect weekend pop up, there are still plenty of opportunities to break out the tent one last time.

Our online reservation site can help you find the perfect destination for your trip!

5. Embrace the cozy

couple sitting around campfire

With a chill in the air, a campfire is your best friend.

Sit by the fire, hot beverage in hand, wrapped up in your coziest camping clothes and blankets.

Nothing beats hanging by the fire with friends and family, enjoying the last of the camping season.

Ready to fall in love with cool weather camping?

We have a beautiful prime fall season, but there are plenty of opportunities later in the year before the snow flies.

child roasting marshmallow over campfire

Make the most of your October and November by planning a trip to one of our parks and become a late fall camping convert!

Reservations can be made online or by phone 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275).