Children standing in front of a MacGregor Point sign

Winter yurt camping at MacGregor Point Provincial Park

Today’s blog comes from Elizabeth Rose at ThisGrowingLife, who recounts her trip to the park in 2020. 

Over the years, our family has camped in every season, and in many different types of accommodations.

However, it wasn’t until our trip to MacGregor Point Provincial Park that we finally got the opportunity to experience yurt camping!

The yurts

The yurts at MacGregor Point come equipped with two bunk beds that can sleep six, a table and chair set, and an electric fireplace that kept us warm and cozy, even during the chilly winter nights.

Inside MacGregor Point yurt

Outside on the covered porch, there’s a full barbecue and picnic table where we were able to enjoy our meals surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

Four children at a MacGregor Point yurt eating outdoors, winter

Staying in the yurt gave us one of the best winter camping experiences that we have had to date. It allowed us to experience the beauty of the park knowing we had the warmth and coziness of the yurt to return to.

The beautiful natural landscape

Aside from the excitement of staying in the yurts, our nature-loving family was thrilled to experience the beauty and wildlife surrounding us at MacGregor Point.

Child on the Boardwalk Trail at MacGregor Point

I am extremely passionate about instilling a deep love, appreciation, and respect for the natural world in my children.

And MacGregor Point was just the place to do that. On one of our hikes we came across deer tracks. Later in the evening, we saw two deer crossing one of the park roads.

Seeing deer is always a treat, but seeing them in such a beautiful setting, surrounded by freshly fallen snow, was nothing short of magical.

Two children on the Boardwalk Trail at MacGregor Point

On our second day, the magic continued as we hiked the Huron Fringe Trail near the Visitor Centre. I will never forget the absolute joy on my children’s faces as they watched the chickadees flutter around!

We continued our hike on the trail, which took us through the forest to the shores of beautiful Lake Huron. There, we caught glimpses of Red Squirrels, a Red-tailed Hawk, and several Blue Jays.

The skate trail

As well as hiking or snowshoeing through majestic forests that seem to have come straight out of a Snow White movie, MacGregor Point Provincial Park’s best-kept secret is their 400 m forest skating trail.

skaters in puffy jackets

Although the weather didn’t permit us to enjoy the trail this trip, it would be remiss not to tell you about the full splendor of MacGregor Point without mentioning this winter gem. The trail winds through some of the most spectacular scenery.

We are so excited to head back to MacGregor Point when the skating trail opens!

Four children by a yurt at MacGregor Point in the winter

Thank you, Ontario Parks, for this amazing experience and for creating such incredible camping opportunities throughout the seasons!

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