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Camp at MacGregor Point Provincial Park this winter!

Today’s post comes from Layna Lubimiv, Head Park Naturalist at MacGregor Point Provincial Park

Did you know MacGregor Point was one of the first provincial parks to offer winter camping?

What started as a seasonal extension of a few roofed accommodations has evolved into a great destination for any winter lover.

Learn more about how we arrived here (and why you need to visit):

Bringing in the winter campers

Dating back to 1998, MacGregor Point had only two yurts to offer as summer roofed accommodations. After several seasons of popularity, staff decided to open yurt reservations year-round!

In response to this success, campers began to express interest in camping with their own gear, but they weren’t necessarily willing to haul large trailers on slippery winter roads.

hot tent and shelter on snowy site
We love seeing the various campsite set-ups throughout the winter season of seasonal and nightly reservations!

Initially, MacGregor Point’s program started as a winter storage program, offering campers the ability to store trailers on campsites and access for overnight camping.

Campers paid for 20 nights of camping and a trailer storage fee to enter the program. The interest in the program allowed MacGregor Point to expand, offering 40 winter seasonal campsites and open other campsites for nightly reservations.

camp cabin in snowy forest

In 2021, the winter seasonal program was formalized through offering online reservations of 40 sites.

Now, every year on April 1 our winter seasonal program opens for reservation with park residents eager to spend their winters from November 1 to March 30 in MacGregor Point.

Join the club!

What began as two year-round yurts has grown to a community of roofed accommodations and electric campsites.

yurt covered in snow

MacGregor Point now boasts two yurts and ten cabins for rent. These cozy, timeless getaways are perfect to enjoy between using the park’s recreational amenities.

Why not join us? There’s plenty of spots still available this winter.

Something for everyone

The park’s natural features solidify why winter camping is so popular at MacGregor Point.

One feature MacGregor Point guarantees is incredible sunsets along the Lake Huron shoreline. The snow and ice drifts accentuate the colourful sky and the changing formations offer unique horizons to be to enjoyed on the shoreline.

view of sunset over lake with frozen shore

In the summer, MacGregor Point is renowned for our biking trails.

Winter snow transforms them into fantastic cross-country ski trails. Locals and travelers alike take advantage of the over 10 km of trails to utilize in the park.

skis on snowy trail through forest

Not a skier? The Huron Fringe Boardwalk Trail, Tower Trail, and Lake Ridge Trail offer ample options for walking and snowshoeing!

snow-covered boardwalk

When the weather cooperates (check the Snow Report before you go), MacGregor Point staff works diligently to open our 400 metre skating trail in Cedar Lane Campground.

Staff created the trail back in 2007, making it the first skating trail in Ontario Parks.

collage of people skating

The skating surfaces have brought smiles and memories to visitors of all ages, day and night. It’s the perfect family outing, solo skate, or date night!

Once the rink opens, be sure to reserve your 2 hour parking timeslot in the Cedar Lane parking lot.

Come be a part of MacGregor Point’s history!

After over 20 years of year-round adventures, MacGregor Point Provincial Park is a must-add to every winter adventurer’s bucket list.

MacGregor Point offers a variety of outdoor recreation experiences, stunning winter scenery, unbelievable sunsets, and cozy camping options to make your winter camping journey unforgettable.

When it comes to winter, you may have heard about the Big and Little A. But when planning your next winter outing, don’t forget the Big M!

Book your adventure today!