How to have a green picnic

Today’s post comes from Sheila Wiebe, marketing specialist at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

Sometimes you must go back to move forward. Take the family picnic for example

Up until Victorian times, picnics were exclusively enjoyed by the wealthy. After all, picnics were very grand affairs with tables, linens, crystal, chairs, servers, — and gourmet fare, of course!

But the Victorian era saw the picnic cross class boundaries. Even the picnics of the early 1900s were more formal than today — a far cry from our blankets and coolers, but the idea was ultimately the same.

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5 reasons to visit Rondeau Provincial Park

Wondering where to go for your summer vacation?

Look no further, because Rondeau Provincial Park might just be the perfect getaway for you and your family!

Located on Lake Erie, Rondeau is a host of incredible biodiversity. There’s plenty to see and do during your trip, and lots to explore, from sandy dunes to beautiful Carolinian forests.

Here are five reasons we think you should plan a trip to Rondeau:

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How to plan your trip to Bronte Creek

Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a popular summer destination for weekend visits.

With 11 group picnic shelters and thousands of picnic tables spread throughout the day-use area, the park is well-equipped to host its 5,000 visitors each weekend during the summer.

Conveniently located on the boarders of Oakville and Burlington just north of the QEW/403, the park is within a 30 minute drive for residents of Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, and Grimsby!

Here’s our guide to making your trip to Bronte Creek a breeze!

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The history of picnicking at Rondeau

Today’s blog was written by Callum Barnes, a Discovery guide at Rondeau Provincial Park.

Established in 1894, Rondeau Provincial Park has been host to many activities and adventures over the years.

One quintessential family activity keeps our visitors coming back for seconds: picnicking.

Picnicking has been a popular activity at the park for generations, all the way back to the early 1900s.

So, how did Rondeau’s picnic boom begin?

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