How to have a green picnic

Today’s post comes from Sheila Wiebe, marketing specialist at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

Sometimes you must go back to move forward. Take the family picnic for example

Up until Victorian times, picnics were exclusively enjoyed by the wealthy. After all, picnics were very grand affairs with tables, linens, crystal, chairs, servers, — and gourmet fare, of course!

But the Victorian era saw the picnic cross class boundaries. Even the picnics of the early 1900s were more formal than today — a far cry from our blankets and coolers, but the idea was ultimately the same.

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Healthy Parks Healthy People Day 2023

We know that spending time in nature is good for us.

Sometimes, we just need a little push to get outside and feel the effects!

That’s why on July 21, we are offering a variety of activities in parks across the province in celebration of Healthy Parks Healthy People Day.

All parks that normally charge a day-use fee will be offering free entry so you can enjoy the benefits of being in nature.

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What to do when garbage bins are full

Access to green space and parks continues to be essential.

With so many visitors enjoying campsites, parks, and beaches this summer, it has resulted in an influx of food and garbage left behind.

This excess waste creates a dangerous situation when it is not disposed of properly. We’d like to ask our visitors to follow responsible garbage can etiquette on their next visit.

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How to plan your day trip to Port Burwell

Port Burwell Provincial Park is a favourite spot for families, dog-lovers, and beach-goers.

With 2.5 km of sandy beach, a dog friendly beach and exercise area, and plenty of recreation facilities, this park has become a popular weekend destination.

Unfortunately, Port Burwell’s increasing popularity has meant that our park can get extremely busy, and often reaches capacity on hot summer days.

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5 reasons to visit Selkirk Provincial Park

If you’re looking for a quiet campground with private sites and a relaxing atmosphere, put Selkirk Provincial Park on your destination list.

Just 15 minutes east of Port Dover, Selkirk is ideal for families with young children, RV owners, and anyone who enjoys the quiet side of life. The park offers sun, space, and plenty to do.

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An Ontario Parks glossary

Are you new to parks, or maybe a park veteran looking to brush up on your knowledge?

We’ve assembled a handy guide to all the terms you’ll need to know and understand before you visit the park…

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