5 lessons from Ontario’s wildlife to reduce stress

Today’s blog was written by Ontario Parks Social Media Assistant Sonia Dharni.

April is here and it’s National Stress Awareness Month.

With constant notifications and never-ending tasks, it’s easy to forget the simple joys and timeless wisdom that nature offers.

Digital alerts fill our ears, while the cheerful song of the birds and the soothing sound of a breeze through the trees become an afterthought.

We could learn a lesson or two from nature – especially from wildlife. By observing and understanding how animals navigate challenges, we can discover strategies for managing stress in our own lives.

Here are five lessons from Ontario’s wildlife that can help reduce stress:

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Don’t feed the foxes

Today, we want to share an important message about how we can keep our foxes (and other wild creatures) safe.

Foxes are extremely intelligent, able to multitask and quickly clue in to patterns. They remember where they found food, and will return to that spot to search for more.

But sometimes, foxes are too clever for their own good.

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