Camping comfortably with bugs

Today’s post was written by Emma Fuller, a Discovery guide at Bon Echo Provincial Park

A lot is left to chance when you’re planning a summer camping trip. You can’t always ensure sunny weather, quiet car rides, or calm paddling waters.

However, one thing is certain if you’re heading into the outdoors, you’re definitely going to encounter the pesky buzz of Ontario’s biting insects!

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New in 2022: Blackfly Protection Zones in Algonquin

Today’s post comes from Roger LaFontaine, park naturalist and passionate blackfly advocate. 

Imagine yourself by the side of a beautiful, rocky stream or river in Algonquin Provincial Park.

The idyllic spot for pondering life’s mysteries, like “what does it look like inside a kingfisher’s burrow?” or “do the bioluminescent fungi glow during the day, too?”

As you enjoy your Instagrammable moments streamside, you are surrounded by a hum, vibrations, and the tickle of tiny feet.

It’s like you’re a celebrity, a guest of honour!

You have arrived to one of Algonquin’s newly established Blackfly Protection Zones.

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