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Planning a visit to Algonquin this year?

Algonquin Provincial Park is internationally renowned and holds a special place in hearts of so many Ontarians.

No wonder, then, that it’s also one of the most popular parks in the province! Reservations — especially for the park’s busiest summer and fall seasons — are hotly competed each year.

That’s why we’re so pleased to share that in the past year we’ve built four cabins  and four yurts, some of the most requested park features!

Two of the four new cabins (#41 and 46) and two of the four new yurts (#35 and 38) are available to book now, while the rest will come online on May 6.

We know these are extremely popular bookings. If you’ve been fortunate enough to secure a spot at Algonquin this season, read on for some great in-park opportunities you shouldn’t miss.

If not, skip ahead for our top tips on booking your spot, and for some suggestions of other fantastic parks to visit.

Got your trip locked down?

You’re probably already dreaming about the hiking, paddling, and other quintessentially Algonquin experiences in store.

But here are a few must-have experiences we want to make sure you save time for…

1. Flex your community science muscles with iNaturalist

iNaturalist is a way for visitors just like you to share nature sightings online. The platform helps you identify any photos you upload, then park managers and scientists use this data to help our care for parks!

The iNaturalist platform can record species anywhere in the world, but we’ve created special projects within the platform to track observations in every single one of our parks.

And guess which park’s currently in the lead…

screencap of inaturalist leaderboard, showing Algonquin at the top

Learn more about Algonquin’s rich biodiversity, while making a real difference in its protection!

Even a single observation can change what we know about our park; it could be a entirely new location for a rare species, or bring an invasive species to our attention that we didn’t know was there.

Here’s how to get started with iNaturalist.

2. Learn from our amazing Discovery team!

These are the folks who are leading the guided walks, children’s programs and evening program, and special events! They are interpreters of the landscape and stories of parks, and they are here to share them with you.

(Here’s a quick fix while you’re still waiting for the summer:)

Check back to the park’s social media accounts and events page through the summer to find out what programs are being offered!

No luck booking a spot at Algonquin yet?

We feel you. At popular parks like Algonquin, there might be dozens of families competing for the same site when it goes live at 7:00 am, especially during peak season and for competitive spots like cabins and yurts.

Here are our best suggestions:

Try a different park

If you’re chasing a roofed accommodation, like a yurt or cabin, try a more northern park.

Finlayson Point’s cabin is right by the water!

Great options include:

Again, July/August is a super popular time across Ontario, so try pairing this tip with our next one…

Try a different season

Algonquin’s a popular destination, particularly in the summer and fall. Vacancies are more common in the winter and early spring. Other parks might be booked up for the summer, but have space in the fall.

Quetico log cabin in winter
Quetico’s cabins make a terrific winter getaway!

Likewise, roofed accommodations — like yurts and cabins — are hot items all over the province. For popular spots like these, try booking some combination of:

  • less popular parks
  • during the shoulder season (spring, fall, winter)
  • midweek

Check for cancellations

We all live busy lives and plans often change. When a booking is cancelled, it immediately turns back to green on our reservation site.

If you have the ability to be flexible in your vacation dates, keep checking back — sites come available again every day!

Whether we see you next at Algonquin or one of our many other beautiful parks, we wish you a wonderful summer season!