collage of staff

Happy World Ranger Day!

Ontario Parks staff tackle a huge array of tasks and challenges.

Our days are diverse. You might find us researching rare species, applying First Aid skills, maintaining safe and healthy water systems, building a boardwalk, or welcoming families to a busy campground.

We’re stewards of our province’s most treasured natural resources. We’re educators, instilling a love of nature in new generations of Ontarians.

Internationally, World Ranger Day celebrates the wonderful work that is protecting our parks, and commemorates park rangers killed or injured in the line of duty in park organizations with high-risk activities.

We’re proud to keep our parks safe and welcoming to visitors, while protecting our amazing natural world.

Sadie (she/her)

staff in front of forest

Sadie entered her sixth year at MacGregor Point Provincial Park‘s store this spring.

She offers excellent customer service to all of park store patrons and greets them all with a big friendly smile. She enjoys scooping ice cream to see the joy it brings to people! An extremely hard worker, Sadie makes every effort to make the store look professional.

Zane (he/him)

Zane is Ojibwe-Anishinaabeg from Garden River First Nation.

He is part of the Crane Clan and is passionate about learning and teaching Anishinaabe language and culture.

His favourite part of his job as a Discovery interpreter at Lake Superior Provincial Park is getting to spend time on the land and fostering connections with people in the park.

Abby (she/her)

staff standing on campsite

Abby is an integral part of Bonnechere Provincial Park‘s team. This is her second season working as a store/gate attendant.

Abby possesses a warm friendly smile to welcome park visitors. She takes great pride in her work and has a can-do attitude with any task that is given to her.

Abby completed her co-op with Bonnechere last fall and gained an in-depth understanding of the many activities that happen behind the scenes in the off season. Abby has been a great addition to our team!

In her free time, Abby enjoys anything outdoors, from hiking to fishing and hunting. In the fall Abby is embarking on studying Forestry Technician at Algonquin college!

Sydney (she/her)

staff standing in front of greenery

This is Sydney’s second season at Earl Rowe Provincial Park!

Sydney’s strong work ethic, positive attitude, and willingness to help her fellow staff members makes her an asset to the team!

Her knowledge of our park helps our visitors have a quick and seamless check in at our top gate! Campers are always so happy to be greeted with her welcoming smile.

Laura (she/her)

staff holding chainsaw

Laura has been on Quetico Provincial Park’s portage maintenance crew for six years. She is an absolute asset to the team.

We are in awe that no matter the weather or the portage conditions she always has a positive attitude. She is a meticulous chainsaw operator, a patient and caring teacher, and an encouraging friend.

We can’t wait for another canoe trip filled with Sheppard’s Pie and lots of tea.

Michael (he/him)

staff in forest

Michael. Can. Paddle.

His hut stroke will get you where you need to go and he’ll do it with a huge grin from the stern.

Michael has been on Quetico Provincial Park’s portage maintenance crew for six years and is an integral part of the cleanup after the 2021 forest fire season.

Michael’s ability to troubleshoot, reliability and charisma as a canoe partner, and sheer speed on the water and the portages make him a total backcountry icon.

Whitney (she/they), Rachel (she/her), and Maya (they/them)

staff sitting at picnic table

Murphys Point Provincial Park’s Discovery Leader Rachel has a passion for teaching and leadership. She shares her years of experience with both our student staff and our park visitors.

Whitney and Maya are first year students on the Murphys Point Discovery team.

They have developed a strong interest in protecting species-at-risk, and love being able to engage with visitors about all the amazing species found here at Murphys Point.

Jaxon (he/him)

warden outside of truck

In his second year as a park warden with Murphys Point Provincial Park, Jaxon takes pride in helping people. He loves being involved in the protection of Ontario’s sensitive ecosystems.

Jordan (she/her)

staff holding turtle

Jordan is currently in her fifth (not-consecutive) season working within the Balsam Lake Cluster (including Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park and Indian Point Provincial Park).

She has worked in many capacities throughout her time with Ontario Parks, from stewardship youth ranger, Learn to Fish instructor, member of the Invasive Species SWAT Team, and more!

Jordan is currently a resource technician working on the Canoe Woods Reforestation Project at Balsam Lake Provincial Park and is also a member of Team Turtle, gathering data and working to protect turtles in Ontario Parks.

Jacob (he/him) and Braeden (he/him)

two staff sitting on truck bed

Jacob has worked in Ontario Parks for two seasons!

He began his time in parks at Algonquin Provincial Park as an interior backcountry ranger for southern operations but has started this season at Bonnechere Provincial Park as a maintenance student to be a little closer to home.

Growing up in the area of Bonnechere, Jacob is familiar with many local spots and always a friendly face around the park. He lives for the outdoors and loves that his job allows him to be outside.

This is Braeden’s second year as a maintenance student at Bonnechere.

Braeden is a great team member and always works hard to make his coworkers laugh. Braeden has lived in the area for his whole life and knows Bonnechere like the back of his hand.

He strives to keep the park clean and is always willing to lend a helping hand with many of the projects around the park.

Bonnechere is proud to have both Jacob and Braeden on staff and hope they return each year to lend a hand.

Nemma (she/her)

staff standing at exploration station

Nemma is in her third year as a Discovery ranger at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

Like the rare and precious plants in the park, Nemma is a true gem of the Discovery program team at Sleeping Giant!

Alysha (she/her)

staff holding seasonal permit

Alysha is one of the amazing gate attendants at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. It is her first year here at the park and she’s looking forward to a great season!

She enjoys working with the other staff in the park, assisting visitors in having an enjoyable experience, and being a part of their memorable vacation.

Ashton (he/him)

staff handing permit out of park gate window

This is Ashton’s fourth year working as a gate attendant at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.

He is a dedicated member of the team and works very hard to assist visitors in their many beach areas with vehicle permits, giving directions, and answering any questions they have about the park.

Emma (she/her)

staff standing in front of gate

Emma is an amazing asset to Bonnechere Provincial Park.

She’s worked at the park for five seasons and has gained many skills through her time.

She began her parks journey as a gate attendant, working in the gatehouse for three seasons, she then gained valuable experience working in maintenance for one season, and now she is on her second season working as the head gate attendant!

Emma brings a warm smile and takes great initiative in her work and can always be counted on to do a job well done!

In her free time, she enjoys fishing and visiting with friends. Emma is studying Biology at the University of Ottawa with aspirations of becoming a high school teacher.

A huge thank you to all the amazing staff at Ontario Parks!

Don’t forget to thank our awesome staff when visiting your favourite provincial park.

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