Happy World Ranger Day

Ontario Parks staff tackle a huge array of tasks and challenges.

Our days are diverse. You might find us researching rare species, applying First Aid to injured guests, maintaining safe and healthy water systems, building a boardwalk, or welcoming families to a busy campground.

We’re stewards of our province’s most treasured natural resources. We’re educators, instilling a love of nature in new generations of Ontarians.

Internationally, World Ranger Day celebrates their wonderful work protecting our parks, and commemorates park rangers killed or injured in the line of duty in park organizations with high-risk activities.

We’re proud to keep our parks safe and welcoming to visitors, while protecting our amazing natural world.

Take a look at just a few of our everyday heroes:


staff standing by car
Carol, also known as “Maw” by the staff team at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, has worked as a park cleaner for 39 years, starting in 1981.

Maw is a cherished member of her team who loves to laugh, share smiles, and make everyone’s day a little brighter.

She is a hard worker who inspires student staff teams on maintenance and keeps campgrounds spotless! When we asked what she likes most about working here, she exclaimed: “Cleaning! I just really love cleaning!”

Kristian Jakobsen

staff standing next to tool box

Kristian has been working for Sleeping Giant Provincial Park for 16 years as their maintenance supervisor.

Name anything and Kristian can fix it! A typical day at work can be anything from repairing park equipment, plumbing, electrical, grading the roads, repairing campsites, and helping to manage the staff team.

Kristian is known for being extremely helpful and hard working and sets an incredible example for his team of students on maintenance.

On what he enjoys best about his job, Kristian shared: “Getting to know and working with new student staff and teaching them new skills and knowledge sharing.”

Meagan Latimer

staff with Kipp

In her second season at Nagagamisis Provincial Park, Meagan has skillfully crossed over between maintenance and gatehouse duties, as well as planning Discovery activities and coordinating Nagagamisis’ social media accounts.

She consistently brings energy and enthusiasm to her work, her peers, and our campers.

Chutes Provincial Park, Mississagi Provincial Park, and Spanish River Provincial Park team

collage of staffStaff have been working tirelessly to prepare the park for visitors!

They are preparing backcountry sites, keeping the park sparkling, and keeping the peace. They are doing it all with big smiles under their PPE. Thanks for your hard work and positive attitudes!

Baxter Legace

staff holding branches

Baxter is currently in his second season at Killbear Provincial Park.

He has been a valuable member of the maintenance team and brings a strong work ethic to each and every shift. This has been a different season for staff and campers alike and Baxter has been a consistent and exemplary worker.

Despite the heat wave and the new protocols for facility cleaning, Baxter has kept a positive attitude and worked extra shifts to help get the park ready and maintain new levels of cleanliness for our campers.

We couldn’t run the park if we didn’t have team members like Baxter!

Casey Howard

staff sitting in front of truck

This is Casey’s second year at Killbear Provincial Park working with the Maintenance department.

She has made an impression with the rest of her team as she is very hard working, dependable, and a stickler for doing things the right way.

Casey is always as you see her here, with a big smile for everyone.

In a season where so much has changed, Casey’s positive demeanor and commitment to delivering a quality service has served as a shining example for our new staff.

Thank you Casey for your enthusiasm, strength, and determination!

Megan Richardson

staff collage

Megan is now in her third season at Killbear Provincial Park as part of the maintenance team.

Some of her coworkers call her “Little Eddy” (after 61-year veteran Ed Ramsay) as she is such a hard worker, always energized, and happy. If there was ever a season that would draw on those characteristics, this is it!

People like Megan are one in a million. We are fortunate to have her with us. Her dedication, attitude, and determination are a testament to the character and values she brings to her position each and every day.

Thank you Megan, for all your effort and hard work!

Nick Hoey

staff wearing mask

Nick is a valued gate attendant at Killbear Provincial Park. He is always available to pick up extra shifts to help out when needed.

His customer service skills are superior, treating each camper as if they are the only ones here in the park and making each of them feel very valued.

Nick has gone over and above to help campers, especially when reservations have to be reworked to accommodate them. He pays attention to detail and accommodates any request with a smile. He will help anyone, anytime. If you ask him to do something, it will get done.

Being a third year employee, Nick has become a good role model for our first year staff as he shows them the ropes and helps them get used to their new roles at Killbear.

Kaden Loof

Kaden has brought an infectious positive energy and a love of the natural world to the Discovery Program at Killbear Provincial Park for the past three seasons.

This year, Kaden has been working hard to ensure we keep snakes and other animals off the road by helping to repair snake fencing throughout the park.

Kaden is an avid birder and encourages all visitors to grab some binoculars and keep an eye out for our feathered friends.

Taylor Judge

staff with canoe

Taylor has been inspiring visitors to have a deeper appreciation for the land and water in and around Killbear Provincial Park during her three years as part of the Discovery team!

Taylor is part of the Georgian Bay Anishinaabek Youth Initiative which partnered with the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve in October 2019 to build a traditional wiigaas jiimaan (birch bark canoe).

Taylor thinks that everyone who comes to Killbear should be on the lookout for snakes! #brakeforsnakes

Sienna Moody

This is Sienna’s fourth season with Killbear Provincial Park working in the Gatehouse.

Sienna is a strong gate attendant, knows park policies, and is often not afraid to share bad news with campers when certain situations arise or when policies take precedence.

She works hard to satisfy all campers to ensure their camping experiences are positive while in the park.

In a year full of change and challenges, Sienna has been key in keeping things running smoothly, maintaining a positive attitude, and being a mentor to our new staff.

Algonquin Provincial Park‘s ranger crew

dead trees

Algonquin’s ranger crews have been working hard to prepare backcountry sites, cleaning up from some pretty significant wind damage.

These crews ensure trails are clear and easily passable. A ton of work goes into reopening trails, and we’re endlessly thankful for their determination in making sure visitors have a safe and enjoyable time at Algonquin!

Heather Seehaver


Heather currently leads a helpful team of staff at MacGregor Point Provincial Park‘s store. She also has experience working in the cleaning department.

After spending 22 years with MacGregor Point, Heather’s favourite thing about her current role is working with students and watching them grow, learn, and in some cases, pursue life-long careers with Ontario Parks!

Shachi Desai


Shachi is a knowledgeable and hardworking gate attendant at MacGregor Point Provincial Park, originally beginning her young career with the Discovery Program.

She has now transitioned exceptionally well into her role at the permit office, where she spends her workdays helping campers check in, welcoming visitors from all over the province into the park!

Ashley Cramer

staff on beach

Ashley has been a passionate worker in the Discovery Program for three seasons at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, assisting with resource management and species at risk monitoring.

Her favourite activity is monitoring the endangered Piping Plovers, however she enjoys all of her work outside, including maintaining the park’s pollinator gardens and removing invasive phragmites from the beachfront!

Vanessa DelZotto Hammond

Vanessa has worked as a waterfront safety officer at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park for three seasons.

Her duties include operating the medical ATV and ensuring all of the park’s First Aid equipment is up to snuff, which assists in her training to become a future paramedic.

Vanessa enjoys being a member of the friendly enforcement team and spending her days outside in the park.

Brad Connor


Brad is a very hands-on superintendent at Rondeau Provincial Park, and has gone above and beyond to continue supporting park initiatives, from building Indigenous relationships to giving out candy at Rondeau’s Halloween event and toys over the winter holidays.

His work with customer service and resource management is exemplary — helping customers with their daily inquiries, helping with wildlife surveys, and choosing restoration over development in the park wherever possible.

Brad’s commitment to do what is best for the park and the visitors has recently had him saving the life of a young goose as the mother honked on in the background.

Brad is truly a great superintendent of Ontario Parks.

Restoule Provincial Park and Mikisew Provincial Park senior leadership team

Lots of people visit provincial parks every year and leave without realizing how much effort goes into making a park visit a great experience. Restoule and Mikisew are run by an amazing senior leadership team and it really shows.

Left to right: Erin, Steven, and Jessica

Erin and Jessica are responsible for a diverse and challenging job.

Park clerks are responsible for a lot, including revenue processing, budget management, social media, education programs, customer service, staff hiring, hiring documents, pay and benefits, time sheets, permit issuing, and supervising staff. The list goes on.

Even with all of this on their plate, they go above and beyond to ensure both parks provide an amazing experience for visitors.

This year in particular, they have put in even more effort adapting to the new normal and ensuring the parks are able to welcome the public in a safe way.

Erin and Jessica care about the experience of their staff and park visitors. When issues arise late in the day they stay on and work late to ensure staff and visitors are taken care of. It takes a strong leader to consistently put others first, especially during difficult times.

Left to right: Steven, Jaimie

Steven and Jaimie are also responsible for a diverse and challenging job. It’s a running theme in parks careers.

They oversee park cleaning programs, equipment and building repairs, water systems, sewage systems, campsite maintenance, and supervise large staff teams.

The clean and safe facilities at these parks are a direct result of Steven and Jaimie’s hard work. They lead our park warden enforcement programs, respond to customer concerns, ensure park visitors have an enjoyable stay, and protect these unique and beautiful parks.

Due to the current situation we’ve been short staffed this season and these two work days, nights, and weekends to pick up the slack and ensure visitors have the best experience possible.

These park leaders have truly given 120 percent this year. They go above and beyond because they care about the work they do and need to be recognized for the service they provide to all Ontarians.

Restoule and Mikisew are on target to have the busiest season on record with close to 90,000 visitors. This really shows the true importance, value, and demand for our parks. This is the senior staff leadership team that makes it all possible.

A huge thank you to all the amazing staff at Ontario Parks!