Man fills water jug at tap

How to use water taps responsibly

With a busy summer of camping, we all need to do our part to respect the parks we love.

Lately we’ve noticed some improper behaviour at the water taps. We’ve put together the ultimate guide for you on how to properly use the water taps at the park.

Where are the water taps?

Water taps are found at regular locations throughout each campground, and there will usually be one within a short walk from your site.

Water tap in front of campsite

Unless a sign is posted saying otherwise, all water is suitable for drinking. The water is tested on a regular basis and overseen by the local health unit.

Make sure to check our alerts page before you leave for your camping trip to find out if a boil water advisory is in effect.

What can I do at a water tap?

Man and child fill water jug at water tapWater taps are there to provide water for use during your camping trip.

Water can be collected at the tap and brought back to your campsite for drinking and dish washing.

We suggest you pack a reusable water container for your trip to bring the water back to your site.

You may also want to fill your water bottle up at the water tap before heading out for the day at the park.

What CAN’T I do at a water tap?

When using the water tap, you want to be respectful of other visitors at the park.

Water tap next to campsite

Water taps should never be used to wash your hands, or bathe yourself or your family. Doing so leaves behind a squelchy, soapy mess for other visitors to deal with.

Washing dishes is also not permitted at water taps.

camper washing dishes under water tap

Food scraps and soap are attractants, and can draw bears into the campground. Adding anything (even soapy water and food bits) to the park’s ecosystem is against park regulations. Here’s how to wash your dishes properly.

The water taps also cannot be used to fill the water tank of your RV. Instead, this can be done at the trailer fill stations located at each park.

Water taps aren’t animal drinking stations, so bring a collapsible dish for your pooch!

Why all the rules?

As parks-lovers, it’s our job to keep our natural environment safe and do everything we can to protect it.

View of the forest looking up from the forest floor

At Ontario Parks, we are committed to maintaining ecological integrity at our protected areas. This commitment to ecological integrity means we are working hard to maintain or restore the natural-ness of your favorite parks.

Something as simple as using a water tap properly can be your way to care for the park you love.