waterfront and beach at Sibbald Point

Water safety at Sibbald Point

Welcome to Sibbald Point Provincial Park, located on Lake Simcoe! Our park is well-known for its wonderful boating, swimming, and fishing (not to mention its beautiful sandy beach!).

Whether you’re a parent, friend, sibling, cousin, or dog, we want you to be safe and wear a PFD when enjoying the water.

Here’s a few water safety reminders. Please read and share:

On the water: safety for adults

Can’t swim? Stick to the beach, or wear a PFD if you venture into the water.

Even if you’re a strong swimmer, please remember: it is not safe to swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

couple relaxing

Alcohol is not permitted on the beach or in any day-use areas. Visitors will be fined for any infractions.

About that unicorn…

Inflatables are fun and trendy, however they should always be used with caution.

child swimming with inflatable tubeRemember:

  • check weather and water conditions before planning any water activities
  • always bring a buddy with you when going out on the water
  • inflatables should stay within the designated swimming areas
  • wear a PFD even when you’re on an inflatable in the event of an unexpected fall into the water
  • a water toy will not supervise kids. Be an active supervisor!

On the water: safety for kids

Parents: always watch over your kids whether they are in or out of the water.

children on beach

Children are your responsibility! Please ensure they are wear a PFD and stay close to the shoreline.

Beach safety: park rules and reminders


For safety reasons, boaters are not allowed to be near swimming and on-leash pet areas.

Water conditions can change quickly from calm to wavy. Always check weather and water condition when enjoying a summer swim in Lake Simcoe.

Dogs are not allowed on the sand at the main beach — there are designated areas for your pet.

Multiple life rings are located throughout the beach in the event of an emergency.

Boat launch safety

Our boat launch is shared space. Boaters and anglers, please be responsible and mindful of others’ safety.

person fishing

Be careful when fishing at the boat launch. Fishing hooks and lines can get caught in boats.

Wear a PFD and be a trendsetter!

Our PFD Lending Program loans out PFDs to both adults and children. They can be acquired through a parks staff member.

beach at dusk

Safety is cool and important. Whether you’re heading out for swim or taking a boat on the water, don’t fall for peer pressure.

Be a trendsetter by putting your safety first. Always wear a PFD, and avoid water activities that you might not be prepared for.

Learn more about water safety at Ontario Parks!