Collage of turtle merchandise.

Shell-ebrate Ontario’s turtles with our new merchandise line

Last spring, we asked you to help us protect Ontario’s eight turtles species, all of which are species at risk.

With just one year of the Turtle Protection Project under our belts, staff are already seeing amazing results.

This year, we’re excited to debut a new way to support turtle conservation in Ontario Parks: our Turtle Protection Project merchandise line.

Let’s take a look at how you can help Ontario’s turtles AND look good while doing it.

Spring into action!

This season is an especially dangerous time for Ontario’s turtles.

Every spring, hundreds of female turtles choose the graveled shoulders of roads to nest.

Unfortunately, roadways not only provide travel corridors for vehicles and pedestrians, but also for predators of turtle eggs, such as raccoons, skunks, and foxes.

Painted Turtle hatchling

Most turtle nests are destroyed by predators within 12 hours, and less than 2% of turtle eggs will hatch and survive until adulthood.

Your support helps us protect turtles during these crucial nesting times to ensure the survival of Ontario’s turtles.

Sport some “turtle-y” cool merch

Proceeds from your purchase of Turtle Protection Project merchandise directly support turtle conservation.

With your help, we can install turtle nest coverings, wildlife tunnels, and roadside fencing to keep turtles safe in our provincial parks.

There’s something for everyone:

The Turtle Bottle by Chilly Moose

Chilly Moose water bottle

This stainless-steel bottle is double-wall vacuum insulated to keep drinks hot for up to eight hours or cold for up to 12.

The tight-fitting lid is made from sustainably forested bamboo.

Turtle Protection adult t-shirt

woman wearing turtle t shirt

This unisex adult t-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, made-in-Canada, and is tightly knit for a soft, comfortable feel.

This shirt features one of Ontario’s native and at-risk turtle species, the Painted Turtle.

Turtle Protection child t-shirt

child wearing turtle shirt

Foster a passion for conservation in your child with their own Painted Turtle t-shirt!

This shirt is also made from 100% organic cotton, made-in-Canada, and is tightly knit for a soft, comfortable feel.

Turtle Protection Project socks

person putting turtle socks on

Keep your toes warm and toasty while keeping Ontario’s turtle species safe and happy.

One size fits most in these soft, comfortable socks.

Turtle protection success

Because of our supporters, we’ve been able to complete some impactful work to protect turtles so far.

Here are just a few of the Turtle Protection projects staff completed in 2021:

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

Thanks to your funding of the Turtle Protection Project, Kawartha Highlands was able to build chain link fence-style turtle nest covers through the park.

Six turtles nests, with five Snapping Turtles and one Blanding’s Turtle, were identified and protected this past summer along the park’s roadways.

Snapping Turtle hatchlings emerging from nest cavity, Snapping Turtle nesting beside two existing protected turtle nests
Snapping Turtle nesting beside two existing protected turtle nests, Snapping Turtle hatchlings emerging from nest cavity

All five Snapping Turtle nests hatched within the first two weeks of September, with an average of 24 eggs per nest.

Amazingly, 119 of the 121 eggs have hatched all together. That’s more than a 98% hatching rate!

Considering unprotected nests are destroyed by predators at rates of 59-94%, this is an indisputable success!

Presqu’ile Provincial Park

During the spring of 2021, Presqu’ile’s biodiversity team expanded two existing turtle nesting mounds, and created two more sites in locations turtles had previously shown interest in.

Presqu’ile staff expanding and developing two existing turtle mounds
Presqu’ile staff expanding and developing two existing turtle mounds

After a significant nesting event from June 7 to 14, staff placed protective nest covers made of chain link fencing and small gauge hardware cloth over the turtle nests.

They also covered nests after other smaller laying events.

Snapping Turtle nesting comfortably
Snapping Turtle nesting comfortably

Throughout the season staff delivered more than 100 hatchlings safely to Presqu’ile’s shores, significantly more than they were able to in previous years.

The creation of this egg-laying habitat was not only funded by donors, but also generated substantial public awareness of the Turtle Protection Project.

Those who visited the park kept their eyes glued to the laying mounds, and often informed staff when a turtle was laying its eggs.

Support turtles today!

With your help, we can complete more of this important work this year.

Want to do more? Call 705-313-2462 or email to make a donation to the Turtle Protection Project today.

Thank you for doing your part to help Ontario’s turtles!