How to plan a day hike on Killarney’s “The Crack” Trail

You’ve seen the Instagram snaps and magazine covers. You dream of the view from white quartzite mountain ridges, of gazing across the landscape that inspired the Group of Seven.

Pump the brakes a moment, though. Did you see that word “mountain”?

It’s not a metaphor.

The Crack is an extremely challenging hike in the LaCloche Mountain range at Killarney, a wilderness class park.

Proper preparation is paramount to getting up and down safely. Otherwise, hikers face a very real danger of getting lost, dehydrated, and/or seriously injured.

If you’re planning to hike The Crack, please fully review this post as part of your planning process for hiking this iconic trail:

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Support Killarney Provincial Park

As part of Ontario Parks’ 125th anniversary, we’re asking Ontarians to help us fund one of five legacy projects across the province.

Killarney Provincial Park’s legacy project is to upgrade the “The Crack” hiking trail. This is a short, day-use portion of the multi-day (80 km) La Cloche Silhouette Trail along Killarney’s white quartzite ridges.

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