Ice fishing for perch at Sibbald Point

Today’s post comes from year-round multispecies angler and writer, Ashley Rae, of

I’ve previously only had the opportunity to explore Lake Simcoe a handful of times.

This included a couple of open water outings and an afternoon on the ice while passing through the area a few years back.

Spending more time on this incredible fishery is something that’s been on my radar for some time, and it was exciting to finally get a proper opportunity to target perch through the ice on Simcoe!

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How to catch panfish

Today’s post comes from professional angler Italo Labignan and the Learn to Fish team!

When it comes to enjoying sportfishing in Ontario, some of the easiest and most plentiful fish to catch — whether from a boat or from shore — are panfish.

The most popular panfish in Ontario are the sunfish family (pumpkinseed, bluegill, rock bass & crappie) and perch.

Here’s what you need to know to catch them:

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