A clash of talons and tail-feathers: the Superb Owl

As the world gears up for one of the most anticipated events in sports, we’re here to celebrate the athleticism of a different kind of MVP – the owl!

This Most Valuable Percher has captured the hearts of enthusiastic birdwatchers.

Owl fans crowd the natural nighttime “stadium” of owls just to catch a glimpse of these star athletes.

A devoted fandom of birders and nature enthusiasts, these fans unite to support the conservation of all owls (despite some disagreement over which owl is most superb or most cute).

How do these athletes inspire such passionate support?

It’s all in the arm! Uh…we mean wing!

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The superpowers of owls

Today’s post is from Alistair MacKenzie, our Natural Heritage Education & Resource Management Supervisor at Pinery Provincial Park.

I’ve been bird watching since the age of six. My dad was the main reason I began bird-watching, and he and I spent many hours in search of another species for our lists.

From the start, I was always fascinated by owls and to this day they are, hands-down, my favourite group of birds.  You have to work hard to find owls given that they are usually solitary hunters and most do not roost together in communal groups. Many, but not all, are nocturnal and they are generally shy and reclusive.

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