It’s May — what are Black Bears up to?

Planning a visit and wondering whether you’ll see a Black Bear? Tune in to our monthly Black Bear feature where our ecologists let you know common bear behaviour for the month or season.

Spring is upon us, and Ontario’s Black Bears are ready for another season of eating to gain fat for winter hibernation.

While young bear cubs are sticking close to their moms, yearling bears (bears that are about a year and a half) may be leaving and striking out on their own for the first time in search of food. (Your actions really make a difference for young Black Bears this month!)

Here’s what our bears are up to this month:

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May’s digital download

We’re not the only one “a-moose-d” by this lovely spring weather!

The rainy days of April have given way to May — it’s time to get out to your favourite park and start exploring!

(Don’t forget to treat wildlife with respect. Give them plenty of space and enjoy from a distance.)

Throughout 2023, we’re sharing a free downloadable graphic for you to use as wallpaper for your favourite devices. We’ve specially sized these images for your computers, tablets, smartphones, and Facebook covers.

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