10 low-waste solutions for your next camping trip

Today’s post comes from Jessie Robinson, a Discovery staff member at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

As we become a more environmentally conscious generation, we are paying more attention to how our own lifestyle habits may be affecting the environment.

We strive to reduce our waste, use our reusable and recycle our recyclables, but when it comes to vacation time, we may slip up on our eco-friendly habits. It’s easy to put these values on the back burner during a camping trip where you want everything to be as easy as possible so you can maximize your enjoyment outdoors.

So here are ten simple solutions on how to keep it green in Ontario Parks while still having fun in nature!

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How to leave the park greener than you found it

Today’s post comes from Sheila Wiebe, a marketing and development specialist at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

I promise to be greener.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m already pretty green. However, after leading an Earth Day park clean up, I decided I need to take it one step further and double up my efforts to further reduce my impact on the environment.

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A green summer in Bon Echo

This post was written by Stacey Fluke, Green Initiatives/Special Projects Summer Student at Bon Echo Provincial Park

“Surround yourself with the five most successful people (in your life) and you too will become successful yourself,” is something a former boss once told me when we were discussing my five-year plan.

Bon Echo Provincial Park has had a significant impact on me and it is a pleasure to mention that this year is not only the 125th anniversary of Ontario Parks, but also my fourth season at Bon Echo.

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