Reptile Day at Rondeau Provincial Park

Rondeau Provincial Park hosts “Reptile Day.” A day to learn about our sensational scaly critters!

We encourage everyone (even if you are not too keen on the legless variety) to join us in a day dedicated to the appreciation of ALL of our unique reptile species, from snakes to skinks.

staff member showing snake to children

With the help of the Friends of Rondeau, we’re hosting a full day of activities, with reptile-themed events running from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.!

Reptile revelry

staff facepainting
We’ve been practicing our facepainting skills all week!

Our family-friendly events include events include meeting our turtle researchers, guided hikes, children’s programs, and our popular Adopt-A-Turtle Program!

Enjoy a guided hike down the Marsh Trail and return in time for a BBQ lunch.

Adopt a turtle

Stuffed turtle
She’s surprisingly snuggly for a turtle!

Okay, so you can’t take the real turtles home (though feel free to “adopt” one of the Blanding’s turtles living in our store!).



But you may have the opportunity to participate in our Adopt-a-Turtle program. You could have the chance to release a hatchling turtle into the wild!


Participation in the Adopt-a-Turtle Program means you are helping protect and conserve the six turtle species at Rondeau, including those at risk.

Help our research team by submitting your turtle sighting to Friends of Rondeau!

Foxsnakes and turtles and skinks, oh my!

NHE staff showing snake

Our research teams will be giving presentations all day.

Don’t miss sessions on eastern foxsnakes, freshwater turtles and five-lined skinks!

Can’t wait until Reptile Day? Here’s sneak peek at some reptile education:

If you’d like to learn more about Rondeau’s Reptile Day, call 519-674-1768.