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How to speed up your check-in when camping

Our staff work hard to get campers checked in and onto their campsites as quickly as possible.

Here are four tips for speeding up your check-in time:

1. Preregister your details

Getting ready to hit the road? Before you head out, log in to your account, and add in all your details before arriving at the park.


Be sure to include:

  • the permit holder’s name
  • names of all party members
  • your licence plate number

2. Have the permit holder arrive first

If other party members arrive before the permit holder, they will have to wait. These extra vehicles can cause congestion at park access points.

We go to parks to avoid traffic jams!

main office

Remember to ensure the permit holder’s name is accurate. If someone helped you make a reservation, make sure it’s your name listed, not theirs.

3. Double-check your campsite number

Five months in advance is a long time to remember a number, especially if you have multiple camping trips in a year.

site post

Double-check that site number to help avoid confusion when you arrive.

4. Have your booking email ready

Having your email handy helps reduce the check-in times, and gets you to your site faster than a mosquito can find an unzipped tent!

If you know you’ll be checking in during a busy time (Fridays or any long weekend), consider arriving at an off-peak time.

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Our standard check-in time is 2:00 pm. To dodge the line, arriving a little later in the day, or consider booking a day earlier or later the next time you reserve.

*BONUS* Check your park’s social media accounts or alerts page for any updates

Some parks may have modified check-in processes. Others may communicate important updates, such as fire bans.

Stay in the loop on park news by checking social media accounts and alert pages before hitting the road.

We’re so excited to see you!

We’ll be doing our best to make the process as smooth as possible, but remember: it will be busy.

We have a lot of campers keen to access our parks, so please include patience and kindness on your packing list.

gatehouse staff

There may be considerable wait times (especially on busy days), as everyone wants to get outside, recharge, and connect with nature.

Please be patient, and — with a little bit of prep work at home — your check-in time will go quicker than you think!