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Monarchs and Migrants at Presqu’ile

September is the perfect time to catch migratory birds and butterflies on their way south, and the Great Lakes shoreline gives nature-lovers a front-row seat!

Don’t miss Presqu’ile Provincial Park‘s annual Monarchs & Migrants Weekend (September 4-6, 2015), featuring bird banding, monarch tagging, guided adventures, children’s programming and more!

The birds

Birds of prey, like hawks, will move along the shoreline looking for a way over, as they don’t like to cross open water. Small birds, like vireos, warblers and thrushes, have been moving through for a couple of weeks and will continue to do so through October. Shorebirds come in all shapes and sizes — including sandpipers and plovers on their way from the arctic to South America — and watching the different ways they forage is half the fun.

Shorebirds of many species can be found at Presqu’ile in the fall. Credit: D. Bree

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You can also watch naturalists band birds before their journey. Find out how bird banding is done, learn what this technique can tell us about bird migration, and get a chance to see the birds up close.

Whether you stroll the 1 km marsh boardwalk trail through the marsh, wander the shoreline, or join a Presqu’ile naturalist on a guided hike, you could easily spot dozens of bird species this weekend.

The butterflies

In late August, monarchs east of the Rocky Mountains begin a southerly journey which will take them over 3,000 km to the mountains of Mexico. Labour Day Weekend is a great time to see these creatures fluttering through Ontario.

Monarch butterfly on little girl

The popular monarch tagging demonstration is back, and a few lucky visitors will have the chance to release tagged butterflies. In the mood to explore? Borrow one of our nets and join us on guided Butterfly Searches!

How do I get there?

Located between Toronto and Kingston, just south of Highway 401, Presqu’ile is a wonderful spot for a day-trip.

The Friends of Presqu’ile have the full programming schedule on their website. Pick your favourite events or join us for a full day of bird-and-butterfly fun!

Need a fun Labour Day Weekend activity? Flutter, fly (or drive) to Presqu’ile Provincial Park for Monarchs and Migrants Weekend!