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Keep your child’s asthma under control this summer

Summer’s here, bringing with it camping getaways, family hikes, and playing outdoors all day long. But if your child suffers from asthma, keeping it under control during the summer months is necessary to ensure they have a safe and active break from school.

Planning ahead and taking precautions helps to reduce their risks. Beware of summer asthma triggers such as pets, food allergens, campfire smoke, air pollution, mould in the forest, and dust and mould in tent or trailer. Remember that air quality on vacation not be as easy to monitor as it can be at home.

Take control of your child’s breathing

girl holding stuffed animal on campsiteHere are some tips from The Lung Association to help your child take control of their breathing:

  • air out your camping equipment before you spend time inside
  • take medications as prescribed
  • develop a written action plan with your healthcare provider
  • keep a fast-acting reliever inhaler (usually a blue one) handy and pack an extra just in case
  • check the air quality health index forecast
  • before you travel, find the nearest emergency medical service at your destination

Asthma doesn’t take a holiday, so managing it while away is just as important as it is when at home.

Sending your child camping with friends or other family?

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Share your child’s action plan with the accompanying adult(s). This should include key information like:

  • which medication is taken daily and which is for emergencies
  • which triggers can cause their asthma symptoms
  • which signs and symptoms may indicate that they are having an asthma attack
  • who their emergency contacts are

Any questions?

Call The Lung Association Lung Health Information Line at 1-888-344-LUNG, where you can speak to a certified respiratory educator.

Thank you to our friends at The Lung Association for providing this information and for helping to sustain the Healthy Parks, Healthy People movement.