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Turn down the noise, turn up the fun: your guide to generators


These compact power packs have become a more common sight at campsites, providing RVs their electricity during summer months and keeping campers warm during winter stays.

While using a generator can help you enjoy your stay, it’s important that your power source doesn’t become a drain on the campers around you.

Considering bringing your generator to parks? Review these tips to ensure everyone has a pleasant camping experience:

1. Find a site with service

We understand that those summer weekends get busy, and it’s difficult to find an electrical site at your favourite park.

A wooden post with a campsite number and an icon signifying that this site has electricity. In the background, a van is parked under a tree

Before booking a non-electric site at that campground and hauling out the generator, consider exploring a new park with electrical sites.

This will save you from packing up your generator for the trip and give you the opportunity to discover a new provincial park!

2. If you are unsure about whether parks allow generators, contact them

Generators cannot be used in:

  • areas that are designated as generator free
  • campsites that are designated radio-free
  • any way that disrespects the “No Excessive Noise” rule

Both generator-free and radio-free sites can be filtered out under the “restrictions” tab when reserving online.

Please take care when reserving your campsite to ensure you are not booking a generator-free site.

If you’ve already booked your campsite and aren’t sure if it’s generator-free, contact the park. Each park’s phone number is available on their individual webpage from the “parks” dropdown menu.

3. Limit generator use to mid-day

Other park visitors don’t camp on your schedule. They might prefer to sleep later in the morning or go to bed earlier than you. Accommodate everyone’s schedule by picking a time in the middle of the day to run your generator.

A person crouching on the ground, removing a gas generator from its storage cupboard at the back end of an RV

To ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the park, please be conscious of how long your generator is running. Plan and group your electricity-dependent tasks to decrease the length of time that your generator will run. Be sure to shut the generator off when not in use. Not only will this improve your neighbours’ experience, it will help you cut down your fuel cost.

For non-generator users, please remember: before getting upset at someone using a generator during off hours, think again. Some visitors require generators for medical reasons. If you have concerns about another visitor’s generator use, please speak to park staff.

Medical exemptions are available for those who need a generator, however, we are also committed to ensuring that others are comfortable. This means that a visitor using a generator could be moved to a spot where the sound is less disruptive.

4. Consider solar options

If you’re looking for a quieter way to keep your power flowing while in the woods, you’re in luck. Gas generators are no longer the only power player in the electricity game!

A row of small black solar panels leaning against the side of a green tent

Solar panels that fold for transport and/or attach to RVs can be purchased at many hardware stores.

There are also several brands of solar-powered electric generators available that can store up the sun’s energy for rainy days, produce no emissions when they’re run, and are whisper-quiet while providing power.

5. Please be considerate to your fellow camper

If you find yourself setting up a generator on your campsite, surrounded by non-generator users, we ask that you respect your fellow camper.

trailer on site


Campers visit parks to experience the natural beauty this province has to offer. This includes appreciating the quiet solitude of the forest.

We want to ensure everyone is is comfortable when camping

Taking these tips into consideration when using a generator will help everyone have a happy and relaxing experience while camping.