pioneer women, soaring eagle, zipliner

Day-tripping along the St. Lawrence

Spending a week at Charleston Lake or Rideau River Provincial Parks this summer?

We chatted with our friends at the St. Lawrence Parks Commission to come up with four awesome day-trips to work into your travel plans!

1. Zip through the air at Skywood Eco Adventure

woman ziplining

Feel the rush as you fly across ziplines or explore the Treewalk Village. A unique adventure the whole family can enjoy.

Distance: 30 minutes from Charleston Lake, 50 minutes from Rideau River

2. Celebrate Canada150 at Upper Canada Village

women in pioneer costumes

Touring Upper Canada Village is simply magical. Transport yourself back in time to the 1860s and explore the authentic buildings that make up the village.

Distance: 1 hour from Rideau River, 1.25 hours from Charleston Lake

3. Flutter to the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary

young bald eagle

Up to 200 waterfowl, raptor, passerine and other bird species live in or visit the park’s diverse habitats. Amateur and seasoned birders alike will be delighted.

Distance: 1 hour from Rideau River, 1.5 hours from Charleston Lake

4. Stay in a treehouse


Unwind at the Robin’s Roost cabin, a treehouse of your childhood dreams with a wraparound porch, private beach and a spectacular tier view.

Distance: 1 hour from Rideau River, 1.5 hours from Charleston Lake

Which of these excursions will you work into your camping getaway?

Ontario Parks thanks tourism partners like the St. Lawrence Parks Commission for their support.