Creature of the Night

Creatures of the night

Imagine walking through the forest during a nice sunny day. You hear birds chirping, see the fall colours rustle in the breeze, and watch squirrels gathering food. We stop; we take pictures; we enjoy.

Now take that same trail at dusk.

You just had a flash of danger.

Bats have had a bad reputation since long before Shakespeare and Bram Stoker.

The silent flight of owls makes them easy to compare to ghostly shadows in the night sky.

owl in flight

Coyote: the lone hunter, wily and tenacious. Hearing yips and yowling in the early hours of the night can send chills up your spine.

sleeping bat
Photo: English: Neal Herbert, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Bats, owls, coyotes, even moths are not usually among our favourite or most popular animals. These creatures that roam after dark have captured our imagination – and our imagination can play tricks.

This October, our naturalists spill all the juicy details about these critters in our “Creatures of the Night” series.

We’ll cover spiders, bats, wolves and other creepy creatures this October.

Ever wonder what happens to spider webs? Do bats truly do drink blood?

We’ve got the answers!

So far, we’ve learned about: